Just dance the dance of life

“And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.” #FriedrichNietzsche
If you enjoy dancing, you just dance, whether someone looks at you or not, is not important, dance is important … Dance alone is the greatest pleasure.

I often hear “It is not for me,” “I have no talent for sports, dance,” “I have two left legs,” and so on. I do not accept these excuses. It is the escape from yourself and the sense of responsibility to your body.
My story is a bit different. As a child I often dreamed of dancing, singing and having fun all around, and I never stopped. My whole life is dancing, I just cannot stop dancing. It’s something like “imagine life in the rhythm of dance music”. With the first morning coffee I am withdrawn of the pleasant rhythms of salsa and it is a perfect elixir that keeps every cell of my body vital.

Music Has Vibration

I’ve come to know that music has vibration as well as that every sound has a frequency that affects our subtle body. Some music stimulates, drives, and energizes us, while sometimes causing a feeling of sadness and melancholy in the soul, especially if these are karmic songs (those that activate memory of traumatic periods in our life). I’m sure, if we often sing songs of sad content, it’s like negative affirmations that we constantly repeat and invoke such content in our lives. I am always for happy and playful tones with which life becomes a fairy tale (for a moment).

So, let’s talk about „two left legs.” If someone in your childhood (eg, parents) often tell you that you are being clumsy, lazy, slow, inadequate, and are stinging labels on you (naturally invisible) that you accept and follow during your life. Most people are not aware of this, but now is the moment to wake up, take off those labels, raise your eyes, and dance the dance of life! If you feel the impulses of happiness when playing music go to action, surrender and become the dance itself. Maybe you will not be dancing perfectly in 7 days, 7 weeks, but in 7 years you surely will. After all, it is not important to dance perfectly, but to be a movement, a dance, a rhythm. It is for the dancer to disappear and for dance to remain.

Dance as Therapy

It is well known that movement is the first form of human communication, and dance is an integral part of it. The ancient Indians thought that dance was life. Dance is the unique elixir of life and youth that can make your life brighter and more wonderful. It’s good for waking up happiness, but it also a cure for a variety of illnesses. With dance you can overcome depression and see the world with other eyes. It reduces the risk of coronary diseases, strengthens the immune system, normalizes metabolism, is good against bronchitis, improves body posture, and it affects slimming and flexibility. Dances make the body firm, and some movements are useful for hips and buttocks, affecting the prevention of various female disorders and sexual disorders. There are many dance styles like mamba, rumba, ca-ca-ca, salsa-these are all wonderful dances. Belly dancing is amazing not only because of his subtle eroticism but also because of his movements affecting the abdominal muscles and knees. I love to dance. When I dance, I feel that I am disappearing and becoming only movement, rhythm, and the accompanying music has a very pleasant vibration that feeds me.

And yes, you should not forget – “It’s never too late for dancing!”

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