„He did not mean it like that…“ Sorry but he actually meant it like that….

I do not believe that after this text I will receive a Nobel Prize for significant discoveries in understanding and studying that enigma called the female mind that has been trying to evade since the ancient Egyptians. Because neither women themselves are able to explain the female mind of those moments when she wants something, but she doesn’t want it.
But it often seems to me that one of the major problems lies in the sentence: “Maybe he did not think so.” Here’s why it is necessary to think at least twice before you say that sentence to your friend who has love trouble.
Let’s assume the following situation:


The boy decided to break up with the girl because on Thursday he is going to the sea and in the extensive message “Hey, we are breaking up, sorry, it’s not because of you, it is because of me,” he enclosed a voice message of the verse: “I DO NOT LOVE YOU or ever loved you, to your favorite question here is your answer … “. After that he goes to drink beer with his friends, enjoy the scent of freedom because he did not really love her and now he can watch the Champions League in peace and cheer for Real Madrid. In peace. Without having to explain it to her that sometimes “seen” only means that his hands are now fatty from the 
bureaucracy and he cannot answer the same second.
She turns the emergency number and arranges an emergency meeting with all of her girlfriends so that they can exhaustively analyzed the situation while watching the Sex and the City and reading the chick magazines which one of the girls brought just in case, because it had an article called “How to get over a guy in six easy steps and make him suffer for you worse than young Werther (a book character who suffered a lot – “The Sorrows of Young Werther” by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)


Gathered girlfriends with feathers on their heads and in war paint ritually burn all of his shirts that smell like fraud and to that famous “they are all the same.” also burn all the Instagram prints from the happy days and the stuffed bear that he gave her. They only save a gift card from Zara that he gave her for her birthday because she still is a girl who lives for coffee and for Zara. But then the situation suddenly turns in the opposite direction. “Perhaps he did not mean it,” comes to mind to the most romantic among the assembled company and then she even pronounces this fatal sentence aloud. In the background, at the same moment, comes the verse: “Do not say that aloud …” After that, the other girls with relieving acceptance of the newly formed turn in thinking and spontaneously accept: “Maybe he did not really mean that …” Maybe he did not really think so. Hm. Maybe he did not really think so? WELL YES, HE REALY DID NOT MEAN IT LIKE THAT! How did nobody remember it before? And here we are… Quickly extinguished the fire and rescue the teddy bears or at least what is there to save.


For every other situation, she thinks he just did not mean that. “He just said it a little bit awkwardly,” support her friends. Eight years after the break, her ex-boyfriend is sunbathing on the other continent with his wife with whom he now has four children, when he receives a message from an unknown number. “Admit you did not mean that.” “Who is this?” The guy answers. “Your ex-girlfriend, Sara, admit that you did not mean it eight years ago.” After trying to remember who Sara is after a few hours, he finally finds out and says, “Sara, we’ve broken off 8 years ago.” At that Sara, prompted by the friends who are sitting by her saying that he did not think so and that give up is not in her blood, she replies, “Is that definite?” “He did not think so, “will be heard in the background…


Because it will hurt. And it will heal. And it will tingle. And you will fall apart. And it will crumble. And one world will break in to a million pieces that you will later aggregate into a meaningful whole. And it will bite your bones so hard that you will not be able to comfort the, not even from the draft. But everything will fall in its place sooner or later to it. There are moments when our love is the greatest in the world, and our suffering is so great that we think no one is able to understand it, even already mentioned young Werther. And it hurts every time. You have fallen apart, how many times so far. And it always passes. For we are still waiting for people in whose wings we will be able to sleep without care in all of our madness, irritability, joy, love and laughter. Maybe they just wait somewhere in the corner for us to stop pushing the past in to the present when there is no place for her there.

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