„Shine on you crazy diamond, you little star“

This is not a special year in itself. This is just the calendar turned. Therefore, if you think that this year it will make you happy, I will bet that today, the third week of this year, you slowly doubt it. I am telling you that the year by itself does not carry a magic wand. Even better, because if this year had a magic wand, it would scared you at the end. Fearing, does not the next one carry some kind of fatal wand? Because they convinced you that after laughing, there was crying. Do not trust them. Well, sure, if you want nice packaging, feel free to use the story of the all-new, fresh year. Which really gives you the empty days. The brush of the new year is in your hand. You are the one who is painting it. You choose colors, themes, and notes that you will paint in it. You will find some days that in which it will surprise you, maybe you will not like it. Do not despair; it would not give you a blank canvas, a brush in your hand, and an opportunity to paint at all if it doubted you. However, you know what. It is not important to use the technique you are going to use. It is important that you leave your note on the paper. It is important not to be afraid and pour your heart on its canvas. Take the beautiful stories and let them lunch you like a rocket into the world.

Shin you crazy diamond. Shine, you little star. All three hundred and something days. When it finishes, continue to glitter. If your fire bothers them, increase it make them blind from it. Maybe it wakes them up. If they try to shrink it and paint it with their gray, leave their gray behind and turn around. Without a guilty conscience. Shine you crazy diamond, you little star, sailing the sky of life, safe and free. From freedom you are created, out of it shines. Do not let them bound you. This is not your natural state and you will never be happy in it. Dance, you little crazy diamond, you little shining star. The songs will change melodies also. Dance your unique dance through all three hundred and something days. Leave your heart on the podium. Then get up and continue dancing, with a whole your heart and shining in your eyes. In the name of anything, do not let anybody turn off that glow from your eyes. It illuminates the whole planet. Laugh, you shining little star. Out of all your heart, from the bottom of your being, laugh, you shining diamond. Let those tears flow out of laughter. You laugh even when you are crying. It will all be over one day; the days and year will be gone. And all their silly rules about how is not polite to laugh too much will be gone too. And you laugh, because when all the wrecks they are trying to put you in will end up in oblivion, you’ll wear your wings with you. And love, you little star, constantly and without hesitation. All three hundred and a few days a year. Then continued. Get up, love, go to sleep and repeat that every day. Love yourself endlessly. Love them too. If they are bothered by your love, love them even more. They need that. Maybe they will yell at you, call you crazy. Never mind, keep going crazy and continue to love them. Do not be afraid, they cannot hurt you. When you love, no one can hurt you.

Shut your ears if you hear something that could reduce your glow. But pricked up when they feel things of which you will be shining brighter. Then find out all of yourself and absorb it all. It will charge your batteries. Charge stars around you with your glow. If some stars make you nervous because they do not know they are stars but acting like cones on the road, try to ground you, do not blame them. But, cut the rope trying to pull you down. Take the scissors and cut it off, without any thoughts. You are not a cone; you are a star, a diamond. So shine you crazy diamond with your authentic light. All three hundred and a few days this year. After that, just continue to shine on.

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