Opinion is like an ass, everybody has it

I have noticed recently how public people and people who have blogs, columns, and other media have a good idea of writing something on the topic “opinion is like a ass, everyone has it”.

Was it not a little hypocritical that those individuals would say that one’s opinion is completely irrelevant to their existence, of course only if it is not the same as theirs!
If they really think that, I beg them to turn off their “blog as an ass …” and withdraw into the anonymous quarters where nobody is interested in their narrative thinking about an opinion.
I really should have finished this column because these sentences perfectly summed up everything I wanted to write this week, but what would be the world when you could not express your opinion?
What would be the quality of communication if it were always packed in beautiful words while holding the pussy in the pocket behind your back? How can we differentiate what is good, if we do not know what is bad?
To me it is great that everybody has their opinion because it is easier to decide what kind of people you want to surround yourself with, and if you like, my jeans and my decision it is not of my concern anyway.
At the start, a distinction should be made between opinions and advice. Well advice are a problematic thing.
My opinion is that advice are tips for better or worse decisions made by another person because the first person is not able to decide on their own. The opinion is “only” a sentence that differentiates left and right, good and bad, black and white.
Ideally created opinion is one that finds its gray shades.
The problem arises when a person thinks that someone’s opinion is also an advice and after some time that person become dull and no longer knows what is what. I do not ask for advice if I am not ready to listen to them, and later decide which direction to go by myself. In addition, advices I consider a potential step forward I do not share if no one asks me. On my blog, you can find advices on focusing on life or about proactivity. Those advices are not necessarily written for Mary from Dugo Selo, they are written for me. Because my blog is my shelter that I come back to often to escape form this crazy world, and if something written by me helps somebody, great, if it does not help or somebody has his or her own philosophy that is also great. If somebody has an opinion, they want to share with the world, pointing out that I may be wrong that is also fine by me, share away or me. The worst is when somebody opens up a blog, writes columns and then expect everyone to agree with them to nod and put the heart in the comments. If they encounter someone who disagrees with that then they declare them haters and write articles dedicated to that handful of people.
There is a difference between opinions and advice, but also between constructive criticism, criticism and hate speech.
As for the definition of haters, I had them more in real life, and were called friends while I was on the same page with them, when I started working on myself then I guess I was not worthy of their society and with that I will fully agree.
For if, you do not find who stands with you, who is your true friend? If you do not learn to hear all the opinions, and only listen to what will make you grow, tell me how you will find your peace in the world of noise?

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