Who forbid you to be you?

In the same day, two different people answer me the same wat to the asked question: “I am doing this and that. To make my day go faster. Just to make time fly by.” The emotion behind that answer is: “I am waiting for my life to pass by. Because it is full of crap. However, I do have to live it anyway. So, I am waiting behind some stupid actions for death to come and save me.”  I do not want to say I do not rest and be lazy. O, you would not believe how I can be lazy and do nothing. In my case, I call that recharging my batteries, or simple enjoyment. I just recently had some two gloomy days where I was unbearable to myself. Therefore, I was looking for anything to get me out of that intolerance.  Therefore, I found some great song and I think I had listen to it for a million and a half times. So I started to dance. (You know I love to dance). And here I became more bearable, remembering that life was really brilliant. It was not life’s fault, it was my own. I was unbearable to myself. Life was still here and life is great. There are just days when you do not see that life is great. Then you try to move the curtains away to see that life is great. 
People have lived in caves, then in better caves and today they live in awesome caves. Some even have pools. People have always had desires in the sense of aspiration to physical relief of life. My great-grandmother imagined that it would be nice if some machine that washed dishes would appear. Ah, if only such thing would existed. I put the dishes in the dishwasher and I imagine it would be nice if there were some ironing and folding clothes machine. Well, it seems to me that I recently saw in the media that such a machine was invented. What happens then, that with all the possible machines we are waiting for a life to pass us by? Because we cannot be happy. Our children are not the way we wanted them to be. Friends, parents, partners, aunts, uncles’. Corruption, doctors, politicians. Nothing is the way we wanted it to be. But do believe me, even if that all changes, we would be remaining the same fools. Because we are the fools who are waiting for a life to pass, so we will be in a month, and we will be in five years, so after death we will look for happiness. Because she is somewhere out there.  Under some conditions. We tied it all possible and impossible bonds. Choking the planet seeking: more! We are constantly looking for the right things in the wrong places. While we are promoting the fact that, we are continually filling a bottomless hole. We made conditions for everybody and everything.  We are forbidden to love ourselves because we are still not beautiful enough, smart, successful, young, old, and correct. We are forbidden to love others because we are not black enough, white enough, yellow enough, have the right nationality, have a right gender, have big enough wallet, smart enough or have the right family tree. There, love is totally forbidden to us. It was passed down from generation to generation.  All the way form the cave to the modern times. So we wonder why we are choking? Others and ourselves.  The medium through which love goes is not a mind but a heart. The heart knows no limitations. And look at the miracle, if it loves – it loves. Simple as that. It does not wait for your mind to let you be perfect. It does not wait for others to let themselves be perfect. And what is the feeling to love? Indescribable. Do you kill time when you are in love? Or is it a divine opportunity to love? Yourself and others.
What else have we forbidden ourselves? Ah, yes. The lips serve us for discussion and argument about climate in Africa. Not for laughing, it is forbidden! How can you laugh in today’s time? People are so offended if you laugh too much today. You are inexcusable, irresponsible or crazy. Our medicine is overdeveloped; we are vaccinated against everything.  When it happened that we were vaccinated, from life itself?! Why are we so vaccinated from life that we are waiting for it to pass us by!? What is given to us and what will we do when it passes?
The arms for hugging, heart for loving, eyes for see, the freedom to live, tears to cry, ears for listening, creativity to create, nose for breathing in the scent of flowers, legs for dancing. Breath for all this. Moreover, we are waiting for it to pass. Because we forbid ourselves to live and love. Why? Life is a gift. The biggest one. With it starts and ends all other gifts. The most important one we carry on us and in us. The rest are just details. Who forbid you to be you? Are you waiting for life to pass you by or are you waiting to live it with full lungs?

24 thoughts on “Who forbid you to be you?”

  1. I loved reading this, so thought provoking! I’m definitely guilty of wishing life to go faster and this has made me realise I need to embrace it more!

    Jess // foundationsandfairytales.wordpress.com


  2. An amazing reminder to be happy with the things you have. I think we have forgotten how to be content with things.

    My grandma had 17 children, used an outhouse until she was in her 50’s, never owned an electric stove and never had air conditioning. She washed her clothes by hand every week and hung them on a line to dry. She had a hard life but she was one of the happiest people that I have ever known. She loved her afternoons when the sun was too hot to work because she could sit on her front porch in the shade. Life was simple but hard…but she was content!

    I think we have forgotten how to be that way.

    I love this post!


  3. Oh too true, I think there are moments we all wish our lives away a little. But Ferris Bueller comes to mind “Life moves pretty fast, if you don’t stop to look around once in a while, you could miss it.” Great post!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I loved this post! I’m definitely someone that struggles with ridding themselves of the limits society and myself put on me. Affirmations have definitely helped retrain my mind so I could see m full value.


  5. A good reminder of why we need to take time and enjoy each and every day. 😊 To have fun, joke, laugh and be silly. To explore, travel, gather with loved ones. To be positive role models for those who struggle 💕


  6. Lovely post. Very heartfelt. I remembered this quote. “To LIVE is a very rare thing. Most people simply EXIST!”
    Cheers. Keep going!


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