I do not get up in the morning for no one but me

I do not get up in the morning for anything except for myself. I do not get up in the morning because of my friends, partners, parents. I do not get up anymore because of my homeland, my religion, my rain, no worries, no problems. I do not get up with the stomach cramp, afraid of what will enchant me and what will disappoint me today. I do not get up because of the political or financial situation. I do not get up because of the wise or harsh words. Especially I am no longer waiting for someone to recognize my value today. Or do not recognize.

I do not have to get up and do not get up any more because of any compulsion imposed on the world.  I wake up every morning with a smile on my face. With the joy of the new day that has been given to me again. With the power in the eyes, the song on the lips and the fire in the chest.  Ready and safe, how can I easily handle every challenge of a new day, and that it will remain plenty of time for me to spend admiring the new day. New breaths, new smiles, and new tears. Because all this is mine and I joyfully embrace what is mine.

I do not wake up for sure, fearing, and wondering if anyone around me is going to get up on the left or right leg and according to that like or dislike me. I do not get up fearing that somebody who does not even know me mark me as crazy, silly, too loud or too lenient. I get up for myself; I get up because of the heat of the sun on my back, for the chirping birds and new, fresh breaths. I wake up eagerly waiting for the new beats of my heart, the new movements of my hands. I get up, delighted with how much smiles I can donate today. How much encouragement, love and happiness can I share today. From myself. Because I stopped getting up for anyone or anything, except myself. I found everything I was looking for in myself. Now get up admiring it. I get up giving it. Now get up, carrying it like the most wonderful masterpieces. I no longer fear to get up in full shine. Because I am shine. Special shine. I am grateful and I get up praising and admiring myself. Only then, I am able to admire you. I do not wake up anymore; wondering what is mine, what is wrong, whether I will have anything tomorrow or not have. I know that I have everything, absolutely everything, what I need, here and now. I got up full of gratitude for all that, I was given.

I am trying to make a masterpiece from what I was given. Not some great piece of work that will end up on the cover of the magazine or in the fake cracks of empty, elite hands. I am trying to make a masterpiece, which should never to be recognized from anyone. A masterpiece with my beating heart, a masterpiece that is true, essential and important. As much as possible. I cannot be scared anymore that success is something fake. Success is only possible when one does not get up anymore, but brings with them the memory of the heart, eyes, soul and lives that were touched because of you. And you do not need any thank you, and you do not need any recognition. Then you are leaving full, like a glowing fireball of love. Then you have no more desire, you have turned into love. And all of that you carry with you.

Until then, I get up every morning with joy and mission. To Love, love a lot. Myself. Then others. To love this world, this nature, those heart. To admire everything. And when it is worse, admire the one who has done all of this. He composed a song of life using the most beautiful chords, once sad, sometimes happy. But in the composition, absolutely and above all perfect.

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