To the people who push us even when we do not want to get up

FB_IMG_1532203417247There is no Valium that rescues those moments when life squeezes from all sides and  when that same life starts to be real life, with all its horrors and darkness. There is no Valium who saves the life, but there are those people. And life is fantastic. As long as there are some of my and yours people who listen to you, who are there for you with lashes and shoulders for yours and mine, I will and will not, come and pass, fly and fall, I would and I would not.

Those who believe that you can get another meter closer to the clouds, another step more (those we especially keep) and 101 headaches less because you are not born for headache. Those who stay by you even in those moments when you are impossible and

you want to do something, but you do not know what, and you want to eat sweets, but you do not want get fatter, but you might go for a pizza. You need people like that in your life. The people who never “bill” you, even though they, very well, might for all the mental pain and psychic harassment you caused them. And they always have all the cards that take them from you in the back direction.

People whose love stands there somewhere at the end of the scale, ranging between “how much you love me from1 to I will massage your feet and love you even when you fall, with greasy hair.” The people who are pushing your dreams of those days when you would rather just sleep. So you sleep in turns, so you do not turn off the world when it’s difficult.

Those people who bring tequila when life hands you lemons. Those people who set white flags on the top of your Himalayas so that everyone knows that you have reached some of your peaks, while there are more proud of you than you are. And you do them all the same. And when it is uphill and when it’s downhill and when it’s wormwood and when it’s honey. Because without the tequila and white flags, everything would be somewhat obscure.

Well, these people. You need them.


Everything else is someone else’s people.

I know that all this was discovered by ancient Egyptians, not me. Only, if they left us at least some good way to not forget to tell them – Thank you.


8 thoughts on “To the people who push us even when we do not want to get up”

  1. Very insightful post, and as I’m finding out very important people to have when it’s easier for us to stay small or come up with reasons of “why not” they point us in the direction of “why” and give us the kick in butt we need to move forward. Very relevant to my own experiences as well.


  2. It’s so important that you surround yourself with people that lift you up – that inspire you to reach for the stars (or even just to get out of bed in the morning). Those that bring you down do not deserve your time. Keep on swimming 🙂


  3. This was such a beautiful piece dedicated to undeniably the most important people in our lives. I almost feel ashamed that I haven’t honoured them, for all that they’re due. XX

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