Do not let yourself stop before you go

This little post has been neglected. I think you all lovely people will like it

Mischievous Words by Marta

A few months ago, I began a mind game with myself, and it’s called Define what you’re scared of. Every day I take ten minutes and think about what I’m afraid except of Scorpius, and I add some fears to that list. At first they were typical human fears – loss of vision, hearing and memory. I am not afraid of my own death because I’ll be dead anyway and it will definitely be worse for those who stay behind me.

My fear lies in panic thinking that one day I will forget who I am, what I have been doing so far, who are the people who made my life special. I thinking what if I can no longer plug headphones into my ears and boost my Paradise City feeling like I’m sixteen and thinking what if I do not remember one what I have been experiencing while waiting…

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