This Christmas instead of gifts give yourself – confidence

The holidays are just in front of the door… Actually if I look around my self the holiday mood is already began and everybody is in some kind of mood of writing posts on a topic of Christmas and holidays, about how we spend too much, how the real Christmas spirit is lost, about the Advent madness and how the prices are too high on everything,even on badly Mulled wine. Trust me, there is nothing worse than overpriced mulled wine that sucks.

But what to get for myself!? How, in all of this madness, not to forget about our own happiness and joy?

The vast majority of women simply gets lost in this insanity, which demands regular and responsible taking care of work tasks, care for children, to not accidentally forget their “marital duties,”, and on top of that some wise guy form human resources has a brilliant idea for everybody to play Secret Santa because that will surely improve the interpersonal relationships in the firm, so that at the end of the day there is no time to think of yourself.

There is this collective pressure that each December has to be better, nicer, with better gifts, with greater smiles on Instagram, while a few rots from the inside as they do not know how to pick up the ends of their own life in this imposed madness.

Yesterday I made myself some tea, because I remembered too late that there was alcohol in the fridge, and shortly after I received a sarcastic message / comment that it was even a bigger tragedy because I was not on Advent on Friday night, and did not comply with the update profile of Christmas photos. The first reaction was “What the hell am I supposed to do there?”Because in the past month, there has been an effort to be surrounded by masses of people. Well, people in general. That’s why I stopped and started thinking about new year’s wishes and gifts to yourself, what women would give themselves to feel good!?

According to surveys so far, one hundred percent of women -actress, singer and managers, who are also mothers, said they did not have any wishes for themselves, let everything stay as it is, everyone is alive and healthy … Through my mind passes a thought that no one had first thought about themselves, which is a clear “female”, a sacrificial syndrome regardless of work or age – everyone else in the first place, but themselves.

I wonder how selfish it is to put yourself in the first place and admit that you, as the mother, women, queen, have the right to feelgood in your own skin without feeling that everyone around you is pulling you in all directions!?

For this very reason, I believe that if every woman who ever doubted in herself for a second, should give herself this holiday – self-esteem and self-confidence. Because in these 348 days I have met and talked with women who are struggling to show their full potential or to continue in that safe path they are going through for far too long.

On the one hand there is a fear of moving into an unknown personality, on the other hand there is an environment that directly or indirectly sabotages any attempt to standout.

One online survey showed results that were devastating. Most of the women said that they had cried in front of their boss or colleagues from anguish and few walk away to clear their head … Taught by example of male colleagues and friends, they do not remain silent and do not suffer. The first day they came to work with the mission to investigate the situation, the next day they plan, if things do not go as planned – to find a new job. We women,while our society is stomping on us, we are looking for excuses for why we allow to be sabotage – we have children, debts, subsistence, we have no partner or parents to help us, we are waiting for better days or worse, we love this job, but we do not like people who work with us so we calculate.

Men are pragmatic so maybe it’s time to learn something from the opposite sex.

There is something about gender inequality, but there is also something in not making decisions for one’s own good. If I learned something in 2018 in general, then it is a fact that it is finally clear to me why the HDZ is so persistent in its ‘Let’s Go’ Slogan. For the great perseverance there is also a great need for craziness, that you are convinced that you will succeed no matter what.

Perhaps these holidays should have been diverted from focus on others and directed to oneself, because the first January will not change anything significantly unless we decide to be better – first for ourselves,then people who depend on us or surround us.

Survey on non-fulfillment of one’s own potential led me to conclude that if you were ever, with fake smiles at work or outside of work,been asked if you think you are better than anybody else – That’s because you probably are, at least in the current environment in which you are.

That’s why, this Christmas, you need to gift yourself self-confidence with the added value of self-esteem.

The worst thing that can happen is the realization that you realize that you have invested time and effort in something that is not your own good.

15 thoughts on “This Christmas instead of gifts give yourself – confidence”

  1. As a mother and teacher, I am definitely guilty of putting everyone’s needs before mine. This was a good reminder.


  2. What a wonderful post and I couldn’t agree more. As women we somehow lose sight of the fact that we’re just as important as the people we go over the top and care for each and every day. To combat this for myself, years ago I decided that my birthday month would be all about me. For 31 days in January I focus on myself first. Happy New Year to me. Talk about a boost of confidence. 😏


  3. Great post. It is easy to lose yourself in all the social obligations and excpectations. Most women were raised to be good girls, obey, be nice and polite, do as you are told and it is hard to move past that. Maybe this should be on the New Year’s list of resolutions more often than losing weight.


  4. This was such an interesting read and it’s definitely made me realise I need to practice self care more!

    Jess //


  5. The holiday season can be quite stressful so self-care is definitely important. Self confidence and self esteem issues really do need to be dealt with as well. Thanks for sharing


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