Your second life begins when you realize you only have one.

Us, women, we like to complicate things. There is always something not right, there is always some little piece of self-joy that is missing, always two kilos more, always to many days until the vacation, and always looking at that “to do” list written in January.

And when it is good – is not good enough. I am looking at the empty screen for the past half an hour wondering why I cannot write?!

In the past the inability to write was caused by a creative bloc or simply my real life was better than the one in my head. And that is hard to beat.

But, here I am. A few paragraphs and I still have not written anything that makes sense because after a few moths I have realized that my reality has a different meaning. Different meaning that the reality is indeed a bit better than the one in my head. And my women mind cannot apprehend that before it goes through the extensive analyses of why, how and what.

I do not have, even, a smart conclusion because I do believe that after every bad period or life’s stagnation comes a better one, the one that we need to hold on to and not let go that feeling of optimism and fate.

Our second life begins the moment we realize we only have one.

365 days ago I was in lighted by that when I was on a conference about mental health. In one moment you become numb to everything bad that is going around you and move on. And that made me think on how many people you know that with motivation and a spark in their eyes, bite every day that nothing can ruin their plans and make them loose focus?!

Personally, in my case I can count, those people on fingers of one hand.

People, like living beings with senses and emotions run from every type of pain because pain is unpleasant and demands an adjustment of the mind to what the body, or the mind itself, is going through.

365 days has gone by and a part of me that was left in that room at that conference and returned to myself, as if I had met myself before life that was to be lived. We all had moments like that, and there will be more. When you want something, you go and that that. Nobody will gift you that. Eventually each and every one of us at least can ‘take’ time for yourself and maximum work on yourself at that moment.

Your other life begins at the moment you realize that you have only one, you do not lose anything if you do not sleep fifty hours,

it’s time for you to pull out that dress and high heels that make you feel good,

that you delete his phone number,

that you get a break from your husband and kids for one weekend, they will survive without you,

that you take that Spanish class you always wanted,

that you go on vacation with your girlfriends,

that you go on a date with that cute guy you meet last weekend.

You are (maybe) waiting for better days, but do not be so sure your life will be waiting for you to remember how to live.

12 thoughts on “Your second life begins when you realize you only have one.”

  1. I had never thought of it that way. I like your phrase, “your second life begins when you realize you only have one. ” I think I was so busy making life better I never stopped to think if I was living the way I wanted.
    Great article.



  2. This is perfect for me. I get so caught up with my to-do list I don’t know where the time goes. So this post got me thinking, I definitely need to actually live the living part! Thanks for sharing


  3. Such a catchy title! I was really like wow, let me see what this is about! Love the motivation you give towards the end because they are really things we can do to improve our mental health and how we feel overall. Overthinking is probably my downfall, so I can relate. You’ve inspired me this morning! Thanks for this post💚💚💚

    Liked by 1 person

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