You were not born to just fit in and just go along whit others!

Remember darling, you are not born to be just a pale copy, just like any other, you are born to be unique, to be different from others. And not negative, but in a positive way.

Each of us is created with a different character, different aspirations and talents. Likewise, you need to know that you need to use everything to leave a trace and point out to others that our differences are perfectly complementary.

None of us has all the gifts and talents or knowledge, and that is a charm. Everyone has the right to explore the way they will go and how they will develop, and there is no way that is right and the same for all of us.

Why are you still vulnerable to the environment, why are you waiting for others to nod you and point to your failures or to move you further? Do you really want to live with such a life?

Cannot continue, because you’re insecure, so you expect from others to give you a tail wind and compass? Do not be a coward, be a hero of your own life. Decide to go where you want, and do whatever you want as long as you do not do anything bad to others.

Only when you find out what you have and find the ways you will manifest these gifts will you understand the concept of life and joy of sharing.

You were born to be authentic, to fly and live full of lungs. You do not need others to know what’s best for you, nor do they have the right to mix their fingers in your life.

Scatter your fears, accomplish your goals, spread your arms and your heart.

Receive and share love and joy, just as the truth. Work on your goals every day. Focus on what makes you happy, even if others think that is the most banal of things, it does not matter.

It is essential that your hobby makes you happy, and when you do what you like, you open the way for it to become your career and source of income, because you have complete passion and love for it.

Do not wait for tomorrow. Get up today, be what you are destined to do, change yourself, and influence the world just as you know.

Do not hide behind masses of people who are alike, be yours, without perseverance and shame. The life is not waiting for no one and is too short to be what others expect from us. Make a positive impression, be an example to others.

Be a true women warrior, the one who will lend a hand to others and make a path for them. Remember, you are born to add colors to the world and show all the hidden spell.

Do not ever fit into someone else’s vision and molds, become what they seek from you, and lose yourself in the process. Do not just go along with other people, as they expect you too.

Do not forget, woman, you are not born to please others, you are born to explore and live your life, only then along the way will come those who will together with you celebrate you. As you’re going with an open heart, celebrate and encourage them.

24 thoughts on “You were not born to just fit in and just go along whit others!”

  1. Such an inspiring post! Reminding us to be our own person and not worry about what the world will think or pleasing other because we deserve happiness too! Fantastic post!! 🙂

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  2. This is an amazing post. I live in a country where their theme is that conformity is the way to go in society. “The nail that sticks out will always be hammered in!” I say I will be that bloody nail that will always stick out. Being different is beautiful and unique!

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    1. I come from a country like that. And I have been all through Europe, living now in Ireland and I can tell you its a same all over. In the Balkans is more shown, but its more or less the same everywhere. You are right being different is beautiful and we are all unique.

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  3. The beauty in being different is that we can support each other and help each other. If we were all the same, we’d have all the same strengths and weaknesses.
    I loved it.


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  4. I needed to hear this today! Throughout my school days I was bullied for being different, for being nerdy and for liking things such as Star Wars. It took me a long time to be comfortable being me and it’s something I’m still working towards.

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  5. This is such an inspiring post. Something I think a lot of us forget. This happens a lot in the blogging world too – you see a “trend” or something that a lot of people are doing and instantly want a slice of that pie, even if it’s not really “you”. When really, if you were just creating your own, authentic content, you’d stand out much more!

    Jenny in Neverland

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