The illusion of perfection

Somehow it seems to me, and this it again my subjective perception, that we might be growing into a society that tries to give the impression of perfection. Perfect human, perfect life. Therefore, I am writing some stuff with the intention, if I help someone some with my observations.

Well, the human is that we try to leave out the best possible impression. Fearing that others would not responded well to our shortcomings. The thing is, in fact, that we should not let ourselves be pushed down as it is okay and normally to be imperfect. No one is perfect and nobody has a perfect life. Understand that, if you ever wonder what’s wrong with you, because you have some disadvantages, you do not quite accept them.  Sometimes you make a mistake, however, you realize that only after you have made that mistake. Just to tell you that this is normal. We all have things inside of us. Sometimes it is not at all easy to look in the eyes of some of the things in you. This is normal and is happening to every person in the world. Of course, you do not have to run away from it and you do not have to think about how to be perfect. Trying to be better, trying to figure out the best of yourself. Only, I still advise you to love the way you are, here and now in this state. Not in some imaginary future. Because, right now you are good enough, so imperfectly perfect. Be yourself, the way you are. You do not have to be trying to be someone else, something that someone wants you to be. Stop doing it if you are.

Accept yourself in every edition, not just at your best. Accept and have understanding for yourself. This is extremely important, especially for younger generations, which are often viewed through social network filters. It is important that you repeat these to them, it is important that they know that they do not need to compete with anyone. Try to be a better, more successful (whatever success for someone represented), because it is human nature. However, crash the illusion of perfection for them as early as possible. Teach them the true love that comes only by accepting the complete self. Not just good sides, but also less enjoyable ones. By accepting and understanding, these parties grow into something of a good quality.

A few months ago I got an email from a very sweet girl. You can tell from it that she was happy and kind. The email started: “Dear Marta, you are so wonderful, I have meet you through your texts. Your writing is so unique and wonderful. You know so much. Your advice for women are great. You are such a great person….” Here I realized and told her nicely: “Look, when I write, that “better part of me” is the one writing. It just flows through me. As if there is in me a person that knows how something should be. However, it is quite certain that in real life I am sometimes that person, and sometimes I am not. Just so beautiful, just as smart, just as capable of applying her own advice. So, I have periods when I’m wonderful, but I have periods when I’m not that wonderful. To myself, let alone others. ” However, I have begun to accept and understand more and more about my own not so wonderful things, days and features. I do not suppress them any more in front of me. I slowly accept and begin to love the world in which I am not perfect, others or the world.

To a perfectionist within myself, this is a great step.

However, a wonderful step. With the burden of relief. It’s just fine, it’s just soothing that we do not have to be perfect neither, nor the world, to love and be happy. Accepted and lived. No, I’m not perfect. I do not need to be. You do not have to be. Do not even build the illusion of perfection for your children, teach them to love and accept them as they are. With a healthy, natural-seated human desire for something better. However, let that better grow from self-love and not from aspiration, “Once I get that, or be successful or when everyone loves me …”

11 thoughts on “The illusion of perfection”

  1. Beautifully put. It’s hard when everything online portrays a perfect life and we compare ourselves to others, but we’ve just got to remember that those are the best parts of someone’s life and we have no idea what they’re actually going through. That’s so sweet what the girl said in that email!

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  2. What a beautiful post! I think we all struggle with this idea of perfection, while we should be satisfied by just doing our best!
    And this girl’s email is so sweet and honest, that’s inspiring!

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  3. Really interesting post. I’m working on some self-improvement at the moment, but I agree that it is important to remember that noone is perfect and to love yourself as you are even if you’re not quite where you want to be just yet!


  4. Great post! I struggled for many years with constantly trying to be perfect! Perfection does not exist and once we realize that being ourselves, flaws and all is so much more rewarding, that’s when we start to enjoy life! Thanks for sharing!

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  5. Great post! I really loved every single word! You’re so right we live in a world of fake perfection and we have to love who we are now. Not in some fake perfect future we may never see. Love your words. I’m moved by your writing.

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