Man’s worst enemy

A few weeks ago I have wrote a post about how many enemies we carry inside of us. This is some sort of continuance post on that topic.

In moments of dissatisfaction with our own life and destiny, we often seek to blame someone or something for our current state of affairs.

Often, this blame falls on those around us, whether it’s family, friends, neighbors, work colleagues, bosses… Sometimes our country, politicians, journalists are guilty for our dissatisfaction… And sometimes our annoyance is caused by the weather or the seasons…

Do you understand in which direction am I going?

We blame everybody for everything. For it is easier to throw guilt on others than to take fate in their own hands. For how, we the perfect specimens of the human race, were responsible for our own failure?! How can we admit that we are not right, and that our actions are incorrect?  That does not come to mind, does not it?

Why? Because our ego is too big. So much so that we are unable to admit our own ignorance and mistakes we have made, the wrong life paths that we have turned to… We will rather go through the wall heads first and repeat one of the same mistakes from day to day, rather than accepting criticism, listening to people around us who are firmly claiming to do something wrong.

Because it is hard, I know. It is difficult to accept criticism.

It is difficult to admit to others and to ourselves that we are not all knowing and that we sometimes need the help of others, the second opinion, the advice of someone who has passed the path that we are going through… It is difficult to silence my own ego who screams in the background as we are only one right and that only we may know what is best for us.

So, we will, full of ourselves, continue to go further into our ruin, by moving away from anyone whose opinion differs with ours. And then, when we stay alone, somewhere in the darkness of our own misery and failure, we blame everyone else around. For even when we find ourselves at the very bottom, ego still rules over us.

I’ve seen many people who were eaten by their own ego.

Many of them, that same ego brought to the abyss from which there is no back. They lost their jobs, loved ones, friends… And they still did not want to recognize themselves as being the creators of their misfortune. Yes, they were the ones who sealed their own destiny. They sealed it with their ego, which raised them above all, and eventually lowered them down to the low, the lowest, into the abyss of solitude, failure, and sometimes bitter remorse.

Ego, our worst enemy. And as long as we do not admit to ourselves that we do not know everything and that we are not always right, we will not go far in life. For success is, besides the effort, sometimes a dose of modesty needed, as well as the ability to accept others’ opinions and sometimes even an advice.

20 thoughts on “Man’s worst enemy”

  1. Great post with a lot of truth to it! The beauty is when we aware of our ego and accept it for what it is then work toward inprovement instead of letting it empower us


  2. This is such a great post. I’ve recently been dealing a lot with introspective thinking and learning to be accountable and own you actions is huge and it’s hard a lot of people. Once I started practicing it became freeing to be able to hold myself accountable. Great words, great post.

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    1. Thank you for the love. But is not just the people who do not care. I let my ego get the best of me too sometimes. And that happenss usualy when doing something I studied for, it is hard to admit that I do not know everything on some topics related to my field of work.


  3. Very true. It takes courage to step back and admit that we’re wrong, or that we’re the people responsible for things not going right (rather than those we’re blaming). Losing face is so hard for most of us (including myself), but we must try wherever we can; the world will be a happier place when more of us say ‘no’ to the ego more often 🙂 Thank you for the post!

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  4. I know what you are talking about. For me, owning my feelings without heavy judgment or anger seems to be working pretty well. I get to slowly release my enemy without the fighting, the pushing, the drama. Super post.

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