Should we always say YES to everything in life, or is it sometimes necessary to say NO?

I often catch myself thinking about what would have been if… What if I listened to myself at certain moments more, followed my own voice and intuition? Would I achieved my dreams faster, would I already be that version of myself I want to be since I can remember?

So many times in my life I ignored my intuition, tried my best to hide the voice and heartbeat that warned me not to go that way, because they taught me to tell everyone YES, that you need to help others and be good.

I ask you for how long? How much did you get by constantly saying YES, letting experiences run you down, by shaking the ground beneath your feet and making you helpless? How many times did you put others in front of you, because they told you that you would live well and be happy?

Too many, I would say. We relied too much on what was imposed instead of developing our own way and listening to the voice of our own heart.

Sometimes in life you have to say NO, that clear and loud NO. Sometimes you need to say NO to others as well and show them the way out.

Because they exhaust us with irrelevant things and gossips, because they reduce our vibration and throw us into a bad mood. And that’s fine, do not worry. For those who are doing this to you know how to take care of their own ass, shake hands and move away from worries so they can enjoy.

You do not have to always be available, you do not need to smile to everyone and be a support to everybody. You do not have to and cannot uplift others while you’re in trouble, lagging behind, and tired of fatigue. You do not have to neglect yourself to be in the best light and be good to others.

You need to learn to be good for yourself, to appreciate you, to properly allocate your time and to realize your dreams. You wisely choose who you are releasing in your chambers, to whom you will help and from whom you will move away. There is nothing wrong with it when you first care for yourself so that you can function as a satisfied individual, and then and only then spread your joy and experience with others.

Do not let yourself feel bad, remove everything that is making you feel like that if you cannot change it. Be what you want to be, do not worry about other people comments and doubts. They are not you, you are not them. You do not wear the same prints on the skin, as well as similar scars.

Life can and should be beautiful, colorful and fun, pleasing as the first spring breeze. The best way to say YES to life is to say YES to yourself, while telling NO to others who are trying to throw you into the abyss. Serve yourself, grow, so you can make something useful for the next generation. So you could leave a mark when you are no longer in this world.

As soon as you say you first big NO, you will see that life will give you some new and better experience, because you have stood up for yourself and you have returned your value again. So, never forget how much you value and keep yourself safe as something precious, do not waste yourself in vain for those who do not waste for you.

Say YES to those experiences and people who build you, help you and make your days easier and more beautiful. Everything else, let it go to their own place, a stay there somewhere in the past as well learned and repeated lessons.

8 thoughts on “Should we always say YES to everything in life, or is it sometimes necessary to say NO?”

  1. I love this!! The saying yes to life by saying yes to yourself is so important, and definitely something that gets overlooked quite a lot. It’s easy to do what everyone expects you to do, to be there for everyone else, but no one stops to think about what it is you might need. Great post!

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  2. Hi there, i just wanted to say that I really resonate with this; saying no is probably one of the most powerful things a person can do (and also the hardest sometimes!) this was a truly great read. I look forward to the next post 😊

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  3. Yes to everything you wrote in this post:) I am so with you on the be kind to yourself by knowing when to say no to others. It took me a while to get to the point of having to do that but it’s so worth working on that, it’s very freeing.

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  4. Only recently I’ve found out the importance of saying no. It was really difficult for me as I felt guilty that I wasn’t helping someone and felt like I was the bad person. But doing things for yourself IS more important so that you can keep on giving.

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  5. “No” is such a sanity saver. My mom modelled this well — the woman who made me write lines, “I will smile more often” — showed me I didn’t need to be polite to everyone by example.

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