The most beautiful roses have the most thorns

You do not like roses because they have thorns? What about people who have scars on the soul?

Some people do not like roses, because they have thorns. Long ago, when I was a little girl, I used to admire those beautiful, but dangerous roses. I watched then, smell them form a far, but always I somehow shied away from them, because I knew that I would eventually stab myself on their thorns.

Over time, they became very hateful flowers. If I ever bought them, I would definitely ask a florist to remove their thorns. They would stay in the vase for days, playing the decoration, dying… I took them selfish because they were beautiful, but the thorns we were not that attractive.

As like a roses, we also have thorns.

Some of us are those beautiful, fragrant, with big lush petals, beautifully velvety and gentle to the touch, so powerful with big stems…

Some of us are the less fragrant ones, with weaker patches of petals and leaves that have almost disappeared.

Other people watered us with their words and deeds. Finally, we worry about ourselves, how much we will grow next to people and what we will allow them to do.

But I forgot to mention the most important thing. All roses have thorns.

You know, and in life we consciously and unconsciously avoid people with most thorns in themselves. Why is that? Because we are afraid, that as the biggest roses they will hurt us, sting us and leave us with red hands? We are afraid they will hurt us so we avoid them.

We forget, that the most beautiful and strongest of us have the most thorns. They are the ones who have gone through most misfortunes, they have swallowed most of injustice in their lives and they have shed most tears.

Each of their thorn is a reminder of what they were, all they did and who they are today. You have learned to avoid them because some of you are in too much pain to stay where is needed to dig deeper, uncover all shades and remove the thorns that are rooted in us.

You know, it’s hard to get rid of so many thorns, why should we bother, why would we get closer…

The biggest roses have the most thorns.

Actually, we come to the fact that all the important relationships we have had with the people who had the most thorns on them, those were the strongest ones, but seemingly the worst, most difficult ones. Precisely because of them we are the way we were today.

And we should be grateful we have thorns. Us and others. We should appreciate each of our lessons, ups and downs. We should not be afraid of those injured, nor approach them in gloves. We can simply open the doors of our souls and show our thorns.

Do not forget, the most beautiful roses are the ones that have the biggest thorns.

They have the most stable stems as an indicator of the unswerving spirit, thorns as a reminder of the surviving battles, gentle petals as the finest and most uncommon touches, the most beautiful shades because they spread their light on others.

Do not shrink from them, embrace them. With them, you’ll never be the same, you will be enriched and filled with new emotions and possibilities. And by no means, but by no means at all, try to remove their thorns.

Love your scars.

They wear them proudly, as a victory over themselves, it is part of them, it is engraved in them. Admire and be grateful to each of their thorns.

Because we are all roses, we are created to be free and wild, and grow together, touching and not hiding our thorns.

Therefore, love your partner, your loved ones, love them because they have thorns. Because thanks to everything they’ve been through, they found your address and showed you their scars.

14 thoughts on “The most beautiful roses have the most thorns”

  1. Ahhhh my grandfather had a beautiful rose garden that he carefully tended for my grandmother. The thorns always kept me at an admiring distance, but boy were they sweet to smell.

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  2. I enjoyed how you likened the strongest to the ones with the largest thorns. Most people who are strong have faced difficult situations, and many of them don’t trust easily. However, they are still beautiful and worthy of love and adoration.

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  3. So much “YES” to your post. We all have thorns or scars but we should learn to accept them and even love them in ourselves and in others. I loved the way you describe everything. Thank you for this brautiful reminder, lovely! It is exactly what I needed to read! 💗

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  4. Love this analogy. I truly believe if it wasnt for our scars, we wouldn’t be who we are. Sometimes it’s easy to regret mistakes or wish we didn’t have to go through struggles but we better ourselves as long as we grow from them.

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  5. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts, I love the analogy to roses and your experience in life. Thanks for opening up and sharing, we can all learn from each other through these experiences.

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