Opinion is like an ass, everybody has it

Mischievous Words by Marta

I have noticed recently how public people and people who have blogs, columns, and other media have a good idea of writing something on the topic “opinion is like a ass, everyone has it”.

Was it not a little hypocritical that those individuals would say that one’s opinion is completely irrelevant to their existence, of course only if it is not the same as theirs!
If they really think that, I beg them to turn off their “blog as an ass …” and withdraw into the anonymous quarters where nobody is interested in their narrative thinking about an opinion.
I really should have finished this column because these sentences perfectly summed up everything I wanted to write this week, but what would be the world when you could not express your opinion?
What would be the quality of communication if it were always packed in beautiful words while holding the…

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