Gun to your head and “think positive”

I notice more and more people being frustrated with a positive thinking wave and New Age spirituality. I understand their saturation. Too much of everything leads to anxiety and nausea. I study these things, enjoy them and consider them tremendously treasured.  Which certainly leads to a fairer, better and more comfortable life. But, life, I said. And comfortable, I said.

Why are many people still turning their eyes to bombing with positive thinking? Because it has become too much.

Spirituality and emotional rape do not have much real connection with each other. “Life Coaches” appear, just dropped out of their mother’s womb, enlightened after watching two videos of positive thinking. They pop their heads off the screen, whatever you turn on the TV. Here, follow me, change my life after pushing me a couple of hundred euros into my hands… Of course people are frustrated.

The man sitting at home, his spine broken, lost his job. From his TV, a just turned eighteen with two hairs on the beard, jumps out and shout: “Imagine a healthy spine, imagine a dream job. If it does not arrive in two days, your ego is wrong, because you did not kill him (ego). No money back!” Cut off my head if a man does not get a heart attack after this.

I have nothing against young people who want to learn. Or old people wanting to learn. Or passing on the knowledge you have. But you can feel is when someone is trying so strongly to convinces you in something in which he himself does not believe. And there is a difference when you notice the weight of something. And that treasure will do you naturally good.  I’ve been reading for a few months a lines of a young boy. I am thrilled. So much wisdom, quality, soul and spontaneity in every word written. But this guy does not put any words in your mouth. He flows, people notice him by themselves. And they feel good afterwards. On the other hand, I’m forced to listen to his peers. “This and that scholar is God, he alone carries the absolute truth. Anyone who does not follow his teaching is nonsense. I want my mind to attract yacht, villa, swimming pool, jet. ” You cannot even speak something, to point it out of the madness that got into it. No way. Shut up, he knows better than you! And if you do not agree with him, he angrily hung up the phone on you. My son, get all that stuff for you, but the same fool will lie on that yacht. Nothing will change.

There it was, my ego spoke. I did not kill him, obviously. For God’s sake people, ego means I. Killing an ego means killing yourself. You do not kill an ego! The ego is kept under control. You wrestle with him when he prevents you from being happy. And he often does it. “Do not go to the beach, you’re fat.” Then you say, “You stay home if you feel fat and I’m going to the beach.” Sometimes the ego wants to argue for no reason. It gives you thoughts that have nothing to do with anything. So you make a fuss, and end up hurting someone or yourself for no reason. Here is where you keep the ego under control. But when someone F**KS you over seven times in a row? Will you kill your ego? No, you’re going to call him to stretch out his middle finger and shout: “F**K OFF!” You do not kill the ego; you maintain a relationship with your ego. He might be our worst enemy in many situations, but in situations where somebody is f***ing with you need him. He is the best for you and all around you.

Then something else. You say, “I feel sad.” “No! Not so! You must not feel sad! Not so! Think positive.” You must not feel sad, angry, frustrated? Never? Even when you feel so? My people, there are no such spiritual or life coach in the world that from time to time does not feel sad. Just a little bit. Even for two minutes. And then somebody tries to convince you that your feeling is unnatural and wrong. And you end up blaming yourself because you’re sad. No, f**k that! People who are not superficial in this, people who really know, will tell you how sorrow, just like happiness, is a natural feeling. It will tell you to cry it out and let the sorrow to its job. Because emotions are the cleansers of the mental world. And they do good to us. Yes, especially those we called negative ones. Only, you will not remain in sorrow for hundred years. You’ll already forget about it tomorrow and go on. So emotions are not denied, they are briefly perceived and you go further.

A positive opinion is a belief in a positive outcome. All this you have naturally in yourself. But it’s not easy for you today. By half of your life somebody has been filling your head with tragedies, and pushed you into negatives. Now, a bunch of newly formed motivator attempts in one day lead you to enlightenment which they themselves are not seen. And it’s normal that you’re frustrated. Today’s time is full of useful information from this area. And I consider it treasured. Do not be frustrated because you’re where you are. We are all equally valuable. And we will all safely and happily come home once. And we all have our own path. Listen to yourself, follow your feelings. Live your life now, as full as you can. Breathe deeply every time you feel you are not well. Choose more and more in your life a sense of trust in the miracle of life. Without fear. Without pressure. You’re safe, you’re loved, you are worth. And you’re on the right path. Accept only what brings you happiness.

2 thoughts on “Gun to your head and “think positive””

  1. So true – we are all valuable and all going through different things at any moment in time, so the best thing we can do is to be understanding of others around us, because they may be having a harder time than us at that very moment.

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  2. Very interesting read! I’ve been noticing this a lot more lately as well. A lot of people out there are advocating positive thinking. I agree that it’s something you really need to believe in yourself before telling other people they should do it, too.

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