Have we ever stopped and thanked ourselves?

Walking through life, years and decades, and usually die, never pausing over ourselves, our body, mind and spirit, which are responsible for all our moments that we collect in the chest of memories. Notice that. You will thank someone for giving you a spot on the parking lot, the one who has helped you, but have you ever thanked yourself? If you are wondering why, here comes one blog post, which you can and you could personally extend. It’s okay, though, it’s desirable to give a little more recognition to yourself;

Thanks to our feet that passed and ran a huge number of steps, and we never thanked them for that. Thanks to our eyes that have seen billions of ugly and frightening scenes, but they never stopped seeing the beauty around. We need to thank our ears who have heard countless “freaky shit”, yet they did not dread the beauty of music, good words and positive suggestions. Exceptionally thanks to our skin, which suffered from unbearable stretching, cracking and abuse by us. Thanks to her as effortlessly stretched and returned to its original condition to bringing children into the world. Especially thank her for having endured all of our youthful “yo-yo” weight loss and weight gain effects, in those teens and adolescents years when we did not respect her, because we were leading fashion trends where you are “currently” fat, so while you lose weight, you are falling as you are currently “too skinny”, because fashion has just changed. To our organism that has been in times stuffed with portions of bad food, stress, unnecessary meetings and information because “it was not the time” to get away from anything that has a bad feeling for you. How would you even thank the heart, whose voice was silenced billions of times, putting everything else in front of him, while tirelessly pumping life into you? You have neglected it for billions of times, but he never neglected you. Otherwise, we would not be reading this. Lungs that are relentlessly brought oxygen into your body, as you ran without a breath in the vastness of life, without any thanks to the air in his nostrils. Without which “now,” we would also not be reading.

How much thank you to the brain that swallowed and filtered out an enormous number of your fears, disastrous thoughts and ideas. In doing so he did not lose the ability to think nice thoughts, warning that the water is hot and could burn and things like that.

Thanks to the soul who patiently waited for all our unstopping, to our every filling of silence, content, people, to every turning on the screen so that they would not stay alone with her in silence and listen to her. Because we are afraid of her voice. While this is truly the voice that most cares for us.

Have we ever stopped and thanked ourselves? If we have not, what are we waiting for?

20 thoughts on “Have we ever stopped and thanked ourselves?”

  1. You’re totally right! We never really take the time to thank ourselves. The human body is an amazing thing that gets us through life.

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  2. Wow, what a well written post. Everything you said is so true. It’s definitely given me something to think about, that’s for sure. Thanks so much for sharing!


  3. SO true! We never stop and thank our bodies for anything. I thank myself for silly little things like doing something the night before so I had something less to do the next day, but I never thank the physical capability of doing things. This is definitely something to think about. Great post! x


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  4. I love this so much because it’s so true! We never take time to well and truly think about ourselves and all the thing we go and our bodies do through. Thank you for sharing such a great post!💫

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  5. This is definitely a thought-provoking post, thank you for sharing, Marta. Everything you say is so true, we never give ourselves enough credit for what we can do. I am going to make an effort to change that and be kinder to myself. Thank you again, fab post and such an important reminder ❤ xx

    Bexa | http://www.hellobexa.com

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  6. Great post! That is the one thing I need to stop and do more often for sure! So for today I am thanking my eyes, thank you for working long hours for me while I read some blogs instead of sleeping!

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  7. Thank you so much for this beautiful reminder. I often forget to actually stop and thank myself for all the hard work. It is so easy to go that trap with the busy lives we have. Thank to you I gave myself a promise to stop and thank myself today. 💗

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  8. Powerful post! I for one never take the time to thank myself and I imagine this is an issue for most people. We seem to be too hard on ourselves. Too busy to take the time out to say “good job me”.

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