People who appear only when they need something

I look at the strain of people who are always asking for something, but when it comes to giving, that term is somewhat strange, as if it does not exist in their dictionary. You surely have met them and I guarantee they are going on your nerves. They appear only when they need something, they always have problems, although most often it is to talk about trivia and other people’s lives. And they always complain that they do not have everything they want. They have no money, no love, no health.

And you feel sorry for them at first, try to help them, trying to give advice and so on. Then you realize that nothing helps. You notice the way they observe life through the prism of where they do not see their blessings, they would too easily alienate from others something to just fill their bag.  But their bag is a bottomless pit. As much as life gives them, they do not see anything in the bag. If you ever tell them something about yourself or confess your problem, they just shrug their shoulders, or they do not even notice it. These are energy vampires on an emotional basis.

Have you also noticed people who always ask for something from you and others on any ground, emotional, material, sting like a leech and always, almost always they need something? When it comes to giving, they are handicapped. The term giving doesn’t even come to mind. They are so focused on taking that you will never get help, love, embrace, comfort, good word, encouragement, food plate or anything that includes giving from them.  I often imagine them with squeezed buttocks, a bit silly, but my brain is making odd comparisons. When you go to assess their financial situation, often you can find they have more than the common people, if not more, than enough. But often they do not have anything. No food, no companionship, no clothing, no luck. They seem to have some kind of hole through which everything goes away without buying anything.

From the emotional side, they are even worse. They would gladly take for themselves the right to be loved, taught, cared for, understood. But on the other hand, they are radical, so they give condemnation, coldness, neglect. Or they are convinced they have nothing to give. You are watching them and you cannot believe them, but, they really think they have nothing to give. And you can really feel sorry for them. Because, regardless of the reality that shows differently, they are poor. The poor in spirit. They see nothing of what they have. Some people see but their all is nothing because they still need something more. Now you know how an indicator of a bank account balance is not an indicator of wealth. In life you rich as much as you give. Unrelenting truth. On the other hand, and your life is rich as much as you give. Am I talking nonsense? I’m not talking. The biggest curse is to think that you have nothing to give. And even bigger is not to give because you’re afraid of spending it.

‘But you crazy women, do not speak nonsense, I have nothing, here 0 in the bank account, I will show it to you.’ Do you think giving only is financially? On the contrary, you can give it as long as you breathe the air. Love, warmth, conversation, understanding, encouragement, flower from the meadow, part of your free time. Inside of you, you wear the extraordinary wealth you can afford to give.  Or you do not have to. It’s up to you.  I watch some people, cold as iceberg, carry with them a high ego as a shell under which is hidden rottenness. Rotting inside, because they never open, does not give or circulate. They are afraid to give anything, afraid to love, afraid to help someone, because they fear that this would mean that it will eventually wear out. They will disappear so “beautiful and great”, and that would be a real shame. It’s their phobia, their hell.

They are like stories about those two wax candles. One burned, warmed people, illuminated the rooms until it came to their end. She beautified so many lives, made a mountain of memories. Because she allowed her to burn and so she was consumed. This second was preserved. If it was lit, it will disappear. She was preserved forever, whole. But dead all the time. She had never lived. Imagine that! Keep from life and sign life in death, in the morgue. Subscribe to non-life, but as soon as you came here, it was natural. It is only natural if you give life, to live it. You fool, man, do not keep yourself for death. What are you afraid to burn? Are you afraid to turn on to be a preserved wicker in the morgue cover? What did you miss? You missed the very essence of life. Circulation of life, change of things, you missed the continuation of life in all the lives you have touched.

Let’s think a little together, what we have to give, let’s try to give it more often instead of looking for it. Just so we do not miss why we came here. Do you remember school assignments? When you used to write excellent text and get a bad score with a teacher’s note: “You missed the topic of the assignment.”  Well, do not wait for the end and to be told you are the wrong topic. The theme is not how to stay in the drawer completely preserved. The subject is life; it is the complete opposite of it. Live it by burning bright.

12 thoughts on “People who appear only when they need something”

  1. You’re so right! I know people exactly like this and they are so tiring and frustrating to be around. Looking within ourselves individually is the best way to find happiness, I think, not always expecting others to provide us with material or emotional support.
    Great thoughtful post 🙂

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  2. Great post. It’s horrible when you start to realise the people in your life who are like this, but once you’ve noticed, they’re not the sort of people you want in your life. Easier said than done though.

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  3. I have a few people in my life like that. At one point I helped her through the cancer diagnoses of her father, and when my grandfather was dying she didn’t contact me once. She then contacted me a week later to ask could she stay at my house for a while so she could travel to and from work.


    I’d rather give and help people because it makes me feel better within myself.

    – Nyxie

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  4. I agree. I liked this statement that you said:
    “Let’s think a little together, what we have to give, let’s try to give it more often instead of looking for it.” It’s very common and I think if people learn how to give than to receive, it’s more fulfilling and you’ll reap the rewards:)

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