Tulle skirt

Since Kerry Bradshaw from the “Sex and City” wore it in the opening scene, a tulle skirt has become one of the most popular skirts among girls around the world. So the girls began to rush into the shops looking for this skirt, and they were not even aware that they could easily do it themselves. So today, in a few steps, you will find out how to make your own tulle skirt.

All you need is tulle, lining that matches the tulle, scheme for tailoring, tailoring scissors, wide elastic and a pins.

When it comes to the length of material you need, before buying make sure you take the measures and keep in mind the length of the skirt you want.

The whole process starts by cutting out the pattern according to the measures taken, making the shape of the donut of paper, the width of your hips. The width of the paper should be the same as you want your skirt to be long.

When you cut the paper, you go to cut the lining and the tulle in that shape and the same dimensions as the paper. Cut the tulle in as many layers as you want your skirt to be stuffed.

After you do this, go to the belt making. Fixing the ends of your elastic, while at the same time ensuring that the height corresponds to the width of your hips and does not tighten you too much.

Mark the place on the material where you will sew the belt, and then move to the sewing process itself.

When you sew, make sure you try to see if your width is fully fit and whether you need anything to fix it and that is it – your favorite skirt is ready!

1 thought on “Tulle skirt”

  1. Nice post! My sister just had to have this skirt for her second and the city themed bridal shower, unfortunately we followed a very complicated Pinterest design lol let’s just say it was a fail and we ended up purchasing instead 😭 I wish u had seen these instructions a couple of years ago, it looks way more straightforward!


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