Happy people have no complexes and the need to judge others for their choices

Men and their egos. What a blend! Women and the need to humiliate another woman. What is that but just a drama! Sometimes I get angry, sometimes I laugh good, and in the last few days, after the first laugh, I admit, I asked myself…

Over what?

Over the perception some men have about modern women. If you show that you are self-confident, brave and happy with yourself, you are automatically a frustrated and resentful freak, which surely subconsciously hates men.

If you say that some of your exes would like to come back into your life in strange ways and that they are really did stupid things, you are automatically the one who suffers for somebody. And no, it is not because of their weakness.

Because the man is very strong because the fact that he is male. And if you mention weakness in the same sentence with a man, you have to be lying, don’t you?

On the other hand, I was appalled by the need of some women to judge other women only to raise themselves, because they did not know any different way. So I start to wonder what’s wrong with us women that we always have the need to compete with each other?

But let’s just sort things out on the prime factors.

Male or female, it’s quite the same, because we’re all of the blood and flesh and we have emotions. Nor a woman is frustrated because someone she no longer wanted, wanted to return into her life, or a man is strong just because he is a man. We are all weak and strong at some point in our lives. We all have a weak point, someone on whom we have at some time in our life been weak for.  And we’ve all made some naive and stupid decisions sometimes when it comes to relationships.

We did. You have acknowledged it now or not.

That’s why I think it is absurd to make conclusions about men and women who do not know, but many of you do. You are writing these ridiculous comments below the articles we prepare for you, just because you recognize something, so you need to defend yourself.

Why? Nobody is attacking you. How can my life experience be an attack on you? How can my relationship be a mirror of yours? Yes, there may be touch points, but they are just that. Actors, circumstances, time and events are still mine and not yours.

So how can I be frustrated if you do not know why a certain former was someone I did not want back, if they hurt me, I just did not need to share it with you? Where did you come to the conclusion that I wish them bad in life? No, I just do not want them in my life. And I have the absolute right to that.

Where is Carrie Bradshaw speech here? And why are such texts (https://exbackpermanently.com/) destructive to today’s society? Maybe because we live in the 21st century when we all have the right to speak and when women like me know that they can and have the right to tell their side of the story?

Stop being stereotypical and conservative

Let’s stop dividing ourselves on the basis of past experience of our grandparents. Let’s stop thinking about how men are rocks without emotion, and women are some weak housewives. Let’s stop on the other hand characterized man as week if they show emotion, and women as frustrated feminist freaks if they overcame their own weaknesses.

There is no stronger and weaker sex, there is just strong and weak individuals. No more division into male and female jobs, but only mutual agreement.

Here’s another important thing to do with what I’ve read from some comments on other blogs and what made me very worried. On the one hand, you say that men should be men and women should be women, but you mock those who start and raise their families. Making a mockery of men who are gentle and devoted to family and women who have chosen to be mothers and housewives. Like it was something bad?

On the other hand, you make fun of with independent young people who are not currently not chasing a relationship, marriage or children, but have dedicated themselves to their career? You also experience their strength as something absurd?

What is this jambalaya of prejudice?

A happy human has no need to attack another.

At a time when everyone can be what he wants and when there is no wrong decision, judging others based on choices that make them happy, just because you are personally dissatisfied with yours is wrong. And why do I know you’re dissatisfied? Because you showed me.

You have printed hundreds of rows in which you have suggested that something is wrong with me, and then you are divided into clans in which you are being justified, so you have used your experience to justify the insults you have written to each other.

However, the truth is one; a happy human has no need to attack another. A happy human has no need to judge others for their choices. A happy human is focused on its own life and its own experiences, and when he/she wants to says something or when he/she wants to share something with others, they are doing that in good-natured, with the desire to pass on their experience to help someone.

Happy people are everywhere, some are at home and look after their house and family. Some are career-educated and travel around the world, some like me writing articles where they share their experiences with the desire to help someone, make somebody laugh, cheer up someone, and motivate some of you to stop and think.

Happy people do not have the need to offend others, do not have the need to stigmatize anyone and have no need to force others to accept their opinion.

Happy people live and let others live. If you cannot, then ask why you are not happy?

4 thoughts on “Happy people have no complexes and the need to judge others for their choices”

  1. You are right happy people let others live their lives, it’s only unhappy people who try to inflict the pain that they feel inside on others.

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  2. Such a great post! I really can’t understand the need som women have to put other women down. It should be different, it is supposed we should help each other out. There’s nothing better than helping a woman raise and be happy about her success.

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