What’s the worst thing it can happen if you cannot even predict the next second of your life?

I know, these days are humid and hot, you just want to sleep and you do not want to do anything. Even forecasters can no longer predict the weather, so how on Earth can you predict anything. Those teenage years in which we thought we could predict how our life will go have passed. As the years go by, at least for me, I cannot even predict is it wise to take the clothes out to dry or not. Rain could fall or not fall, no one knows it anymore. It is easy to maintain enthusiasm in life, when everything is going great and when you are crazy enough to think you know everything. Come on, keep that enthusiasm when nothing goes as planned. Indeed, you have come to so much of the unknown area of life, so you really have no idea whether you will breathe the next breath or not. Who would know? Is it scary or perhaps liberating? Who would know?

All in all, when all that is done, from the weather, the state of the country, the climate of madness, human madness, the unpredictability of something, is perhaps exactly the moment of liberation. What’s the worst thing it can happen if you cannot predict the next second of your life? Perhaps it is time to take an adventure. Step front, stand up and not give up, when you really have nothing to lose. Do what you are scared off, laugh, paint your nails into the color you want, but you never have dared too. Because when is that perfect moment? Now and only now. Or never. Do not have any expectations, but go nevertheless. Do what you’ve always wanted, but what you are afraid of or think you will not succeed. If you do not succeed, who cares? Go even further! Believe me, no one else, except you see yourself under the magnifying glass. Others do not even think about you; others think about themselves. All without exception. It’s natural and I am writing to let you realize that nobody cares more about you then you. Even without you, the world would turn out quite nicely and normally.

I’m writing this to dare you to go do something that pulls your heart away. But you are afraid of doing it, because your subconscious holds you down. She cares about you and would prefer you to hang around in some sort of safe jacket and for you to sleep in a safe zone, safe away from all the rain, the sun, climate change, human nastiness, smiles, mockery, snarl, kisses, tears and all your life. Because your subconscious is worried about you and will do anything to protect you. You cannot resent her anything, just hug her, say thanks for caring and go. Into life, such as it is, unpredictable, but beautiful. Come on, the sun is shining, get up and do not give up. Be crazy, unexpected like the weather and do something you’ve always wanted to do, but you were afraid to do! Yes, right now, right here! If you succeed, I will applaud you. If you do not succeed, you will have a life lesson to share. All in all, you are the one who will win! You always win when you get out under the safety of your blanket.

4 thoughts on “What’s the worst thing it can happen if you cannot even predict the next second of your life?”

  1. I love your writing. It always appears to me when I need it most, like today. FEAR is setting in about my future and it’s unpredictability, but I know that I can’t possibly have all my ducks in a row all the time. And that’s okay. Thank you for sharing 🙂

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  2. I have been on a mission to step out of my comfort zone. To find new intentions for my life. I have been coming across a lot of posts and discussions like this. I don’t know if I am drawn to them, or they are being placed in my path to keep me going. It’s a perfect reminder that I am heading in the right direction and to keep going.

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