Dear child!

You live in times that are not easy or simple. In the time of mocking presentations, good masks. You may not even be aware of this because it seems “normal”. You were born into a world where you see how your mother and father always respond to how perfect they are, that there is nothing wrong, “just a headache from a draft.”

In the world where you used to hear every adult respond to the question, “How are you doing?” with and answers “Great!”. While you are still small, you feel that the answers are technical, but you ignore your senses later and accept what is imposed on you by all sides.

The world of perfection, walking robots, the world “who is more, better, stronger”. Slowly you will grow into the world of social networks, where you will drink an even greater dose of “perfection” so young and immature. There we are all perfect, ideal proportions, nail polishes, full wallets, perfect relationships…

How much the demands of the modern world will break you, demanding from you to learn Japanese, to study modern physics, while you also study medicine in parallel. Plus, do not forget about good manners, always and in every case be cool, sleek and “good enough”.

Listen to me now, dear child!

Life is beautiful and always look at the bright side of life. But now I’ll tell you the truth. Below all of these perfect masks, human beings are hidden and none of them is perfect. No one, including Mom and Dad. Now you’ve got the guidance that you do not even have to be perfect. What a relief!

What constitutes social networks is a play, in which we all participate together. I do not know why; I guess it’s such a time. The play is just a play and the play does not mean the truth. Life is made up of duality, do not forget it. Denial of duality means the denial of life. Loss of life cannot lead to nothing but a break.

Why do I write this?

I write this to let you know that it is normal to cry after a cat when it dies, to feel the anger when somebody hurts you, the pain when you get hurt, and it is OK to see yourself in the mirror sometimes with the dark circles because of a sleepless night, not just with the filters of social networks. I’m writing this to let you know that it is normal to feel every human emotion. Regardless of the play that surrounds you and which represents the illusion of perfection. Perfection that does not exist. Is it easier now? Knowing that you do not have to be perfect either? There is no need to study the insight if you are not interested in them, they will not serve you in life, to compete with someone or something.

Get up, walk, watch the butterfly, catch the lizards, dive into the sea, run as far as those little legs can carry you, fall, pull the stone out of your knees, cuddle with your mama and papa and continue walking. With bloody knees, wounds will heal soon. Just keep moving. Because that is life. Bloody, messy, beautiful and imperfect.

7 thoughts on “Dear child!”

  1. I absolutely love this post! I have always taught my daughter to enjoy nature and take social media with a grain of salt. After 10-months of battling and beating breast cancer, I am truly messy, beautiful and imperfect!

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  2. I completely agree, life should have know bounds and we need to be present in our emotions, allow them to be felt! We are sometimes too confined by the expectations placed on us by society.

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