If you are one of those who always had it easy in life, skip this

If you are one of those people who have always been doing most of the stuff in life easy and with no stress, skip this post, congratulations, just continue that way.

However, if you fall into the “sort” of people who have always been very busy, have a wealth of skills and knowledge, you are very “good”, always willing to help, if you give 900 percent on your job, if you give 900 percent of yourself in a relationship, continue the line. That’s all a great thing. But if your efforts do not reflect external results, it is not a great thing. If it happens that everywhere you give 900 percent, and the results are miserable, it’s not a great thing. You know it and you feel it. So you do the job over all the norms, but they do not pay you enough for it. You give your whole self in to a relationship, just to end up with some kind of “ass hole” that does not appreciate you, love you or respect you. You are always ready to help and jump when needed, but if you need it, there is no one in sight. You stand by the results of your life, you are exhausted over the measure, and you think you better buy a gun, but you’re sure “how lucky you are,” so that something would be wrong with it and you would not succeed.

All kidding aside, especially black – humor, do not buy a gun. It is not God, destiny or I do not know what, that has in for you. As far as I can remember, Arijana Čulina (Croatian columnist and author) said, “Better to be born without a thing, then to be born with no luck” and she was on the verge of truth. As I have concluded, there is as much truth as humans. Therefore, read this text, which is written to help you, but do not take it as an absolute truth. Your truth is in you so follow it. These are just small pointers that can show you in what direction you need to be watching.

We are, in fact, learned to observe the things out there and, accordingly, react. What would happen when we turned from the inside and watched the outside as a reflection of the inside? This is a process that is most painful for most people. It says that “I am” one hundred percent responsible for everything that is happening in my life. How? You have a subconscious in yourself, and this is your inner child who always overwhelms the conscious mind and automatically leads you to what is learned. Therefore, if in your subconscious is rooted a belief that for example, love needs to be earned, in your life there will only enter partners that will reflect that exact belief. You will be “knocked” on your head, but you will not be loved. The real truth is that you are love and love doesn’t have to be earned.  Especially not being something you are not. If in is in your subconscious the belief that you should be physically, mentally and in any other way “killing” yourself doing a job for a minimum wage, you will always receive such jobs. Now translate this into every possible situation in your life. There it is.

Fears, what are the fears? Attempt of our inner child to protect us. All our information and memories have been stored in our inner child. That’s why they say the kids are perfect when they are born. Yes, everyone. We have total confidence in life, we are surprised and we admire life. The world is a miracle and a safe place when we are born. How then, all in the middle of the third year, by the light accumulation of information from the outside world, life becomes terrible? We start to build up information, experiences, beliefs, fears. This is how we grow up, we come to a mature age and we are more afraid of life, but we live it. How and why? Our inner child or subconscious just wants to “preserve and protect” and we cannot blame it for that. We need to understand our inner child, be like a parent to it with the conscious part of yourself and start to change everything that we want. Therefore, the change is always internal. Do not start from the outside. If you change, let’s say a partner named Tom because he is not good to you, and do not change the inside of you, the one who is convinced you do not deserve better, by changing Tom for Mark you will not get anything. You will get Mark that is not good to you in the same way. So it’s with work and with everything else. I never understood people who spoke, if you meet someone who is naughty to you, for example, on the street, do not be angry, but say “thank you”. How am I going to say “thank you”, are you normal? Now I understand. Thank me for this, because something in me has caused this situation. When you change the inside, believe me, you will not encounter such situations again. So you are not a victim of life and you can change a lot in it. Working on yourself. And if there is plenty to change, relax. It’s all your life, it is a process so enjoy it.

To make you feel painless and easier and more beautiful, I will tell you something that is my knowledge. You can accept it or not. The outside is not that important. It’s just a scenography. Everything you are looking for, you already have in yourself. You are love and joy and happiness and peace. And keep that inner child safe, because when you teach it again how life really is, everything you see will be more beautiful and exciting.

4 thoughts on “If you are one of those who always had it easy in life, skip this”

  1. Such a thought provoking post! I felt that my efforts weren’t working in maths but I kept at it and it started to show small results which I was over the moon about!
    -Kyra || lovekyra.co.uk

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  2. Such a wonderful post. I am certainly not one of those people who has ever had it easy, I’ve always struggled in life and continue to struggle. Even since adopting a positive mindset, I still end up with the short straws. I trust that it will all come together some day.

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