Gin & Tonic Popsicle! Adult only Ice dessert!

Finally, the time has come when we can safely be lazy on the terraces and enjoy our favorite cocktails; because in summer time passes somehow slower. With you I have already shared recipes for my favorite Ice-creams, but this time I will present Gin & Tonic in a more entertaining form! Popsicle or ice lolly is mainly made from fruit syrup, a sweet-smelling desert that is every child favorite, but I will transform it into desert (if it can be called that) just for adults. Kids can have ice lollies some other time. This is just for you mamas and papas. No sharing this time!

Before preparing you need ice cream molds and:

  • 0.4 deciles of Gin ( a 1,5 shot glass)
  • 3 cups of tonic
  • 1/4 cup lime juice
  • And any kind of fruit

Mix gin, tonic and lime juice, pour it into molds, insert a couple of fruit slices or berries, and allow them to freeze overnight. Since alcohol lowers the freezing temperature, the ice cream will not be so strong, but will remain on the sticks. It is best served in an empty glass for slow enjoyment! Have fun!

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