Are you living or just breathing?

Did you succeed in doing something you thought you might not succeed?

You note yourself a plus because you won yourself. You are happy for two hours and after that your success is no longer so great, because it is a now experienced experience.

In the end, you do not know what to do with these feelings, so you put the slider a bit more … and the game starts again!

You’re thinking of strategies, planning, delaying, sleeping or squeezing your teeth and pushing ahead.

In the meantime, you are sorry and you are rejoicing, you are mad and you are serious, you laugh and cry, walk and run … that’s life! Good life!

If you do not have goals, ups and downs, if you do not laugh or cry, if you do not expose your ass to sun and wind, if you never get in trouble and never are surprised by some beautiful things, maybe you are not alive?!

Life in a comfort zone is like swimming in a tub!

Collect the balls, get out, take your life with you and stop on each line drawn by them, because the lines just exist to make you confused.

Do not let them confuse you!

Jump in a cold river once in a life time and take a hot shower from time to time – I’ve tried it and it’s great!

Feel free to try!

Check whether you are living or just breathing in order to maintain vital functions!?

8 thoughts on “Are you living or just breathing?”

  1. Far too often, I’m just breathing, but I’m working on it. I love the line, “Life in a comfort zone is like swimming in a tub!” I’m going to get out of this tub if it kills me. Nice post.

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  2. Great reminder! There is no true joy found in just floating along and existing. if we really want to find happiness, we need to go after it. It’s an intentional choice that we need to make each and every day.

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