Where you need to prove your own value, you will never prove it

Perhaps this is the last text I type (do not worry, I am just presenting a point of view) and maybe this is the last text you are reading. We do not know, neither you nor me. It’s not in our hands. But what I know because life taught me are some things I would like to share with you.

You may think that you have time, too much time, and you are still too busy dealing with the outside world, either in circumstances, or in other people, thinking that you might find enduring happiness there, a mirror of your own value or something like that. You will not! Perhaps at times and you will, but at the same time you will take the opposite. Such is the world, life and scenery in which we live. You can handle this and have control, you can do it skillfully, but when you get tired. When your life breaks you down to the floor, you may be scared because you will understand what most of the sleeping players of this game called life still doesn’t understand. How control is only illusion. They therefore play tirelessly, while the sweat of sweets strikes their faces, with no hesitation. To impress those who would turn their backs first when they hit the floor. Because those who lift you up from the floor you should never need to impress in the first place. To keep pace in a world where only last week dozens of people heard the sentence: “This is terrible, I do not get to breathe. The only thing I miss is a bit of silence and being with myself. It will never be, because there is no time. “

Come on, please, let’s just have nothing, just have some time for yourself. Do not waste yourself. Do not spend too much on the exhausting game that gives you the impression that you’re never enough. Game without limits. Especially, please do not spend yourself on people and God forbid, on those “deaf and blind” who neither see nor hear themselves, let alone someone else. Understand how the game is just a game and do not experience it so serious. Know how you can handle anything you find on the road. Because you would not have found it if you could not handle it. But, get to know yourself out of the game too. Only then will you realize how much life is beautiful and how perfectly imperfect you are at all times. Breathe yourself, you yourself drenched in the sea of everything and everyone, of which nothing is you. When you start breathing yourself, you will have a mild smile on your face and you will understand your power. It is not a competitive power or power that you are tired of, so you struggle to gain it again. It is a mild, yet so strong power, the greatest power in the world. Love within you, the love with which you have woven. When you know this power, what happens in the game will not be important anymore. Again, you’ll be happier than ever.

Then the game will become interesting, because whatever you play, you will play non-competitive, with love. First of all, to yourself. Then to everything else. Do not waste yourself where you need to prove your own worth. There you will never prove it. Where it is known, you never had to prove it. Every moment is precious, understand it. Your life is your life and you have been woven of pure love. You’ve always been enough and you will always be. Enjoy yourself and enjoy every moment of your life, no matter what your outward form is. Never try to impress anyone, again be amazed by yourself. At any moment. And when you think that everything goes right and when you think how you nothing goes the same. Be amazed by yourself, as some miracle. Because you are a miracle. Authentic, unique miracle of creation.

2 thoughts on “Where you need to prove your own value, you will never prove it”

  1. A beautiful message that we should all pay attention to. Life is too short to waste on things that don’t really matter in the bigger scheme of life. Friends, family, making memories, creating, loving, just being. These are the things that matter 🌹

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  2. Such a wonderful post. You come to understand eventually that life is fleeting. We’re here for a good time not a long time, we shouldn’t be wasting time on mediocre things.

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