There are still men who know how to love!

You would not believe it, but there are men with whom you can spend your life.

These are those who say:

  • You do not have to, I will!
  • Do not do it alone, I’ll help you!
  • Come here so I can give you a hug!
  • Are you tired?
  • You want coffee?
  • Do not be afraid, I’m here!

These are those who do not find it hard to help you, who know how and when, who do not complain of the effort and the time, who strain their backs and squeeze their teeth to go that extra mile for you and who will go for you through fire and water.

They give in all and if they get that much back, it will be a beautiful life for the two.

I know, you’ll say I’m looking at life through pink glasses!

Maybe, but I know that in everyday life there are bad days, nervousness, anger, insanity, bad decisions, elevated tones, troublesome situations…. but, these are the moments when we stand on the ball, remembering the mistakes, bad decisions or nervousness that we have unloaded on his shoulders.

Marriage is a complicated game!

Both sides give in to reasonable limits is a reflection of love. Mutual respect is a sign of love. You stand and go when you do not feel like it, because he got up and went when he did not feel like it. Yes, marriage is a complicated game.

For each level transmitted, the prize is awarded, but also every mistake holds the consequences.

If you do not feel love and respect for a person with whom you are married, the game is over.

If you do not feel his or her love and respect, the game is also over.

Many games are over, because the participants did not read the rules in advance. That certainly does not mean that men are bad players, and women are good. This only means there are people who are unable to follow the rules of the game.

Quality people mainly cultivate quality marriages, high-quality friendship and quality business acquaintances.

Others complain about bad men, bad women, friends, bad relatives, and dishonest business acquaintances. They are confident they deserve love, but they are not willing to give love back. They expect to be respected but do not respect back. They have no loyal friends and they hate their relatives.

They are represented in both sexes and make sure you do not meet them! If it happened to you that you still met them – run away! There is no luck with them!

And remember, marriage is a nice game if you carefully choose a teammate and you are a quality player yourself!

Note from the author: I am sick of reading that all women are saints, all men are bad, and a marriage is an institution where only women are suffering.

4 thoughts on “There are still men who know how to love!”

  1. I am thankful to have found a wonderful man. We aren’t married, but have been together for years. We enjoy each others company, bicker on occasion (I mean…who doesn’t), but in the end we always love and respect one another.

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