Someone should really tell us we touched the bottom, but nobody would be bothered by that, I am afraid

Someone should openly say to us: F**k all of you! ALL OF YOUI!!

When a neighbor buys a new car, it does not go by unnoticed by anyone! When a neighbors dyes her hair, nobody misses that! But when somebody is beating a two-year child and breaking their bones, when screams are so loud, no one hears that?!

Someone should openly tell us: F**k all of you!!

We gossip, inquire into, investigate and race who will first find out the news!

  • Wow, did you see that Anna has new nail?
  • You know what I heard? Amy’s husband was caught with some blond, by her!
  • Did you see, Steve’s daughter was brought home by some new guy?

Someone should really tell us: F**k all of you, you under-fu**ked and evil c**ts !

When you neighbor is cry, you do not hear it! When a child with bruises walks by, you do not see them! When you know that a child is neglected and hungry, you do not know!

Someone should approach you and say straight to your face: F**k you!

You worry about a woman aborting, you have time to stand in front of the hospital and to salt her wounds would never heal anyway, and advocate for the unborn while the born suffers hunger and beating! Buying a ticket to Heaven and the seat closer to God? F**k me! Stand before a mirror and look at yourself in the eye!!

There are a handful of us, and every day we miss someone’s suffering, someone cries and trace of someone’s blood!

We have even an invocation of conscience!

Hey, we have an invocation of conscience in a country where raped women are forced to give birth to a product of that rape, in a country where a raped 10-year-old child is not allowed to abort but must go to another country, in a country where idiots throw their kids off the balcony, in a country where children with special needs do not have a chance to get treated … continue the sentence!

In such a country, doctors have an invocation of conscience! In such a society the pharmacy has an invocation of conscience and the ladies decide whether to give you a pill for a day after or not! They broke the boy’s hands and starving him, and nobody saw it?! A woman gets her bones broken, they mutilate her by taking of half of her scalp, they beat her to the point of death a hundred times over – and nobody saw it and heard it?!

What kind of garbage you have to be not to hear the screams from the next apartment or house? What spawn you have to be to turn your head to the suffering of other living beings? We are a society that does not see, that does not hear and that does not know because “it’s better not to get involved”, “they will fix it their selves,” “god will help the”, and especially the pious will silently mumble before turning the head “Gentle virgin Marry help this child “!

Our institutions are “doing their job,” they have been restructuring them for the past three decades, and when a terrible story comes out they justify it fast with “there was no indication”, “do not have sufficient resources”, “we did everything according to the law”!

During this time the victims are silent and suffer, and children are killed or broken with souls ground into powder, trying to survive!

They are doing their job?!

We are an EU country?


Yes, someone should really tell us: F**K US CROATS! Those who are silent and those who are not doing their job!

But at the end of the day, it seems to me that nobody would be bothered by it.

6 thoughts on “Someone should really tell us we touched the bottom, but nobody would be bothered by that, I am afraid”

  1. I feel you.. I don’t know if you’ve heard the scandal and tragedy that hit Romania last week… two girls were kidnapped and killed by a man in the south of the country and believe it or not, one of the girls managed to call the police and they made fun of her… asking what was she doing there, why was she on the street so late, the stupidest of the stupid questions..she later died because of their idiocy. Later, as a response, a guy and a girl filmed themselves in the center of a city while he was fake beating her. Not one person interfered!!! He was hitting her in plain view and no one did anything. Suddenly it was not their business. But as you said, if I get a new car, everyone knows. If I have a new boyfriend, everyone will talk… then it is their problem.
    We do need people and us to take a much stronger stance on everything bad happening and make it our own problem if the institutions and “authorities” won’t do anything…
    Oh my, excuse the long comment, it is just that you gave voice to the frustration building up for so long

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