Groznjan – a stone town full of artists

Being a fantasy writer I wanted my story to be placed in a world worth of magic and history, so while in collage a friend of mine and I set of on a little tour while going back form Porec where we were on a vacation. Along our road trip we visited many places that would be perfect for books and stories, but one of those stack out.

So through this post I present to you Groznjan, a small stone town on the top of a hill from which you can see the sea, but also the Motovun Forest and Motovun itself that is just across it. Small stone town with no traffic and where almost every house is a small gallery or an artist studio. It is an inspiring place, full of positive energy and once you visit it you will always return to it; there is something special about these narrow stone streets that carry history in each shutters, every tree, every house. In Groznjan there are no new construction, no large touch of the modern era, somehow is seemed that there you return to yourself.

We ended up staying there for a few days. At night, at sunset, the whole city falls silent and falls asleep. With this town you have the desire to wake up in the morning, to open the colored shutters, breathe in the fresh air and drink coffee as the city wakes up. Most galleries only open around 10am, some later. It is a lazy, no need to hurry town. We spent the night in La Boutique Groznjan – a small stone house on 3 floors. It’s all in some shabby chic style. I fell in love with the wooden beams on the ceiling and its pink shutters.

If, like us, you decide to spend the night in Groznjan, get your breakfast and other supplies elsewhere because the local grocery store has a split shift working hours and you cannot rely on it. Regarding the gastronomic offer – besides accommodation there is aModoMio pizzeria which offers breakfast as well as some other dishes and pizzas. Recommendations also come for Bastia. There is also a small bar that bakes your own salty tarts, and you can also eat the perfect cupcakes at the entrance to the café.

The town itself is perfectly located if you want to settle down here and explore the surrounding places – like Motovun, Livada where you can taste fresh truffles at Zigante Restaurant, Oprtalja, Bala or visit nearby agritourisms, stanzas or wineries where all my recommendations go to that of Kozlovic or Kabole, close to Stari Podrum Restaurant and San Servolo Local Brewery.

But be sure to take a walk around it, meet its people, discover new flavors and smells, listen to music from its streets and breathe life from this Istrian town.

Grožnjan is alive from spring to late fall, it falls silent only in the winter.

Until some new travels and stories!

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