The faces we see but the hearts we don’t know…

You can’t get into people’s head. And maybe it’s good that way. Surely we would be terrified by the things we would find there. All their thoughts about the world, about the people, about them themselves and about us who are close to them – would petrify us. Because in the minds of those we love, we are often everything but loved. We are often on the dark side.

The people we adore often hate us for it, often laugh at us for giving too much of ourselves them.

Instead of embracing us with both hands and enjoying love, attention and our hard work, they take us for granted and frown on our affection. It is as if it will always be so, as if they have a God-given right to our emotions and attachment, as if it cannot be changed overnight and collapsed like a tower of cards.

Yes, maybe we are the stupid ones who love unreservedly. But love is not a fixed thing. It has no ratio and mass. It is invisible, intangible, changeable and transient.

And once a wave crashes against a cliff, it’s over. It cannot be returned. It is so important, so much wanted by all, and when they have it they do not know how to appreciate it.

Sometimes it seems that in life people without emotions are the once who get the best in life.

Those who other people do not represent anything, those whom other beings on the planet are just figures. Those who always think exclusively of themselves. No one can disappoint them because they expect nothing from anyone. They take what they are offered, but do not bother with thank you. They turn around and leave whenever they want. They don’t bind to anyone and nothing.

The wounded remain those who love. Those who give themselves unconditionally and ask for nothing.At some point, such people burst after being taken for granted and used up. They crack and they get cold. As the sun that went out. And it may seem strange to the world around them, to be incomprehensible and unrealistic and unacceptable, but it is simply a natural law.

If I give you everything and you tear it down, I’ll take it all back and leave.
And so souls go from extreme to extreme.

Who can blame the one who loved what he decided not to love anymore? Who can take him for granted? Who can condemn him? Nobody. However … if such a person comes across someone who genuinely loves him, who gives him everything, and he does not reciprocate, then we return to the beginning of the story. Then the one who suffers becomes a executioner and all good is not worth it as far as black under the nail.

If somebody hurt you once, it doesn’t mean you have the right to hurt others!

If you walk the world bursting with fire at those who are not to blame, just because once, somewhere, someone has broken you, do not be surprised if you are left alone. Don’t be surprised because people give up and leave. Because none of us is without scars, none of us have that privilege. We were all once victims of one’s rudeness, selfishness and narrow-mindedness. We all once loved someone and pulled a shorter end, maybe even barely saving a living head, not just a broken heart. But even after all, we came to you with open soul and extended our hands, and you came upon us with heavy artillery.

The planets are being closed around the sleepy sun. It is the natural course of things.
Autumn vein flowers and soil stands bare before winter snows. Not even trees or flowers give their buds to cold winds, so why would people give their hearts to those who are like stone?

So forgive me for watching your eyes for a long time, sorry if that bothers you. I’m looking for your soul in them, if I can’t find it – I’m leaving. If your heart is not in them, your widest smile is for nothing. Because that little patch of ice is enough for me to become ice as well. So thank you. I would not.

Rather alone in my humanity, but to the entire planet of people who in themselves have nothing.

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