Perhaps we do not always have to know “how”

One of the most important, useful and easiest things I’ve learned so far is that in any segment of life, we absolutely have no idea how something is going to happen. And that sometimes you just have to take a step. First, third, fifth, tenth. Eventually you’re going to step on a path “that leads to your home”, even if you are the greatest jinx.

If someone had given me a piece of paper and a pen to write down how all the good and bad would happen, out of boredom I would draw a tree, a bird and a dress because why to plan life as if I didn’t know that everything can turn as fast as you say Instagram.

I am not one of these formalities for one single reason, because I have learned that life can surprise me with beautiful things and twists that I would not combine in the wildest dreams, no matter how many papers I print, no matter how many calculations, and no matter how many statistics.

So I let it flow. It will be, I will solve it while walking, it will come, it will fall from the sky, it will be solved, everything has been solved so far, I have the head and common sense to think of something if necessary. So far, it has proven to be more than a good option.

It also taught me that there are no perfect moments. If there wasn’t one pain, there would be another. If there was no shortage of time, there would be someone else. If there was no crisis, there would be another. If there were no something, there would be someone else. It’s always something. It’s always inconvenient.

I have been looking at these photos from the sea the other day and it comes to my mind that when I was laying at the beach, that my friends joked about how with my degree I would soon have my own thing to do. I said: “Next year.” And to understand each other, I was absolutely bluffing. But life happened and we are talking about my thing and what I am doing.

And if you had given me a piece of paper for how it would come to happen, I would have simply drawn a peasant tree, a bird and a dress on it. And that bird like number 3 because I don’t know better. Let’s understand, like I don’t know those little tricks of the marketing world, the love world or any other world, even the birds on the branch know them. But I wouldn’t have it so. And now, in my head, there is a verse from Miroslav Antic that says: “My crazy, don’t you know? It’s great to have no plan. ”

5 thoughts on “Perhaps we do not always have to know “how””

  1. What will be, will be is a great way to live. I struggle to accept that I may not know what is going to happen or exactly how. I am the one who needs to know every step and hates unexpected surprises. But I need to accept and step away from the obsession and just let things happen.

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