Life is a journey

When I want to make my life easier, which is more or less always, I imagine it to be a giant journey. Because watching us as we go to the sea and vacations, I noticed that we are actually never doubt that we will arrive where we started.

Ok, maybe we will get a red light or two more than we planned, maybe we will stop on two more gas-stations than we imagined, we might wait at the toll booths for an hour, we might turn wrong at the intersection, maybe there would be crowds and miles of cars moving slower then slugs, maybe the one behind us would blast his horn at us just to tell the table of our own nervousness that we had no idea about driving. Maybe it will go wrong everything that could ever go wrong and a little more.

And again, we will never doubt that we will arrive in our little Promised Land we are headed to. Just because it is a goal that we have set clearly enough, for which we have worked for a year and that we will not give up, even if all the red lights and all the slower then slug cars of this world are crossed over.

We are aware of the way and that the sea is not visible from the start we are starting from, we are also aware that the dial needs to travel some miles in order to see a scene that was not visible at the beginning. We are also aware that at some point we may be sick of traveling, we are aware that there will be scenes so wonderful that our mind will stop, we are aware that against some circumstances we will not be able to stop and that we should not even be able to stop. And even then we will not doubt. It will not occur to us to give up, turn around and go back because the sea is not yet in sight, because we did not get a tan on the road yet, it will not occur to us to go back because we missed one turn.

We will push forward with confidence in signposts, roads and road signs. With confidence in the “three hundred meters turn right” the small inner compass we all have inside. With confidence in other people driving the same road. With confidence in the driver, with confidence that the journey is a process. The process of choosing where you want to get, packing, forgetting your toothbrush, encountering obstacles, red lights, intersections, toll booths, slow moving cars and crowds. So you pull a little further. Because you know that there are beautiful scenes ahead and wonderful people and wonderful memories that are just waiting to be created. So you speed up toward your goal. It is with some crazy confidence that you will get to where you are going and that all that you believe will be welcomed. Well, in the end, that’s how it works.

Why would life’s journey be any different? Absolutely nothing. Just drive forward. Always forward. But drive careful. Because, as they say, someone loves you, so you need to come back to them safe.

5 thoughts on “Life is a journey”

  1. Life is a journey, that’s true. And it’s not always possible to go straight on. There are mountains to climb and stormwinds against us, there are windstill seas making us wait, there are lots of obstacles. But there are many beautiful view, lovely flowers, helpful people on our way, so enjoy the jorney itself.

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  2. loved this post – I feel like we all need a little reminder sometimes that not everything okay will go right but that’s part of the journey and along the way there are such good things too and like you so wonderfully describe, so many beautiful scenes ahead

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