Three weekends ago we spent there, at the “Tenants’ Meetings” in Babina Greda. We received a call that we could not refuse and decided to welcome September there, with Snasama and Šokcima , with tamburitza and homemade food.

This year was the first I heard about “Tenants’ Meetings” and the first thing I wondered was why “Tenants” until we heard the story of flats that goes like this – ‘Once upon a time, peasants had lots of marva (animals) and a lot of land outside their villages. In the spring, summer and early fall, the villagers would move to open fields with their animals, so that the animals could eat, and they would build an house (small cottage) in the middle of the land where they would live during these seasons. They would cultivate the land around and deal with livestock. With winter coming, the villagers would withdraw to the villages with their animals, and the fields and flats would be cover with snow until the new spring. ‘

“Tenant Meetings” nourished Grandma’s kitchen from that time, how they eaten at the time, how they lived, how they dressed, hung out and sang.

Babina Greda once owned about 350 such houses in the surrounding area, and today there are only about 20 of them.

Although most people have settled in permanently and there is no migration from spring to winter, but the villages and apartments live and customs of that aria live with it.

For a long time, I did not visit an area that honors its traditions more than Vukovar-Srijem County. Young people dance folklore, have their horses and costumes, gather in associations, preserve their history. You literally get goosebumps at the moments when you see how much love is in them, how much respect for what our old people have gone through so that we young people can be here today. Not to mention some old rural houses I visited that are real little museums of the past about our grandmothers.

If you find yourself nearby next year, book the visit to the Salic Farm in Babina Greda on the last weekend of August, you have my warm recommendation.

Now enjoy the pictures, let them bring back some carefree memories!


  1. What a lovely background story to your meeting! And how delicious does all that food look. Lucky you to have experienced your Tenants Meeting, I’m sure it’s an occasion that you’ll never forget, thank you for sharing with us 🙂 Lisa x

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