Expectation is the mother of all f**k- ups, especially if you expect someone else to make you the best version of you!

Bloggers, influencer, YouTubers … Continue this sequence. It is a mass of new jobs and new professions, which are constantly under the auspices of the public, but at the same time they become the dream jobs of all those who think that they are the jobs where you are not really doing anything and hugging a bunch of money. But it couldn’t be further from the truth.

Do you expect that if you collect a trillion likes on Insta, you will get rich overnight? Well guess again. Do you expect that everyone will love you and that you will finally love yourself if you have at least 500 likes at each post? Now, that is just a huge fail. Do you expect things to work themselves out and that when you finally become famous, you will finally have a life? Fact is that you are on the wrong path!

The truth is the exact opposite; first you have to be someone who has a quality life that he is happy to become someone that people will follow….

I am lucky to really do what I love. And when I say good luck, I do not mean being born under a lucky star there, but the conditions that I have created for myself through my work so that I can now sit on my bed, legs crossed, with a straw hat and write this to you.

When I start talking about writing as a job, people often raise their eyebrows and put on some ‘what are you f***ing banging on about’ faces? But then they catch the need of their own business and realize how much they are paying others to put together five coherent sentences together. Because of this, I can say that we are really coming to a stage where we all need to stop twisting our eyebrows over modern jobs.

Personally, I don’t look for any topic, I have complete freedom to create content and I can talk about every taboo … but sometimes I get fed up, sometimes it’s hard to find a topic, even though I would write about everything. Sometimes I get tired. From what? If I do what I love? I honestly asked myself that question…

And then I realized. Expectations. Others of me and mine of myself. The constant need to be at some level to keep fit and maintain rating. And that is very tiring.

And I gave up, not from writing, but from expectations. I stopped reading comments about how I should cover this and that topic, give notes on some social events, base myself more on love topics and more – could and should – notes that fall in every day topics, depending on what people do interested.

But if I write that way, I will lose myself. And that seems like a price too high.

Because of this, I fenced off someone else’s wishes, congratulations and greetings, and returned to the beginning of the story. I write because I love it. It may not always be topical and stylish, but it definitely shouldn’t be. Because if it is, I will burn up.

Just as all those who cling to the sea of others’ expectations burn out. To which the audience begins to define who they are, instead of presenting themselves as they are, with flaws and virtues, as persons of guilt and flesh.

Ironing yourself in writing is tantamount to ironing cellulite in photos. You get lost along the way.

I understand that people are drawn to the desire to please others more, to gain more followers, to secure an influx of new jobs and sponsors. This is all clear to me. But what about when you stop being what got you start and attracted people? What about when you simply blend in with the mass?

You don’t think this is happening? So look around where people’s expectations come from? Instagram women retouch photos to the extent that they hide their veins from their hands and feet. Hello – veins ?! Not that they look unreal and plastic, but because of that, people are starting to mock them and lose companions. It’s the same with youtubers, the same with bloggers. They lose their way in the desire to become as IN as possible.

But the truth is only one, you can only be IN if you are truly your own, which involves cellulite, veins and sometimes it means opening of the soul to the core. It means being brutally honest, even if you don’t like what you have to deal with and even if it means that because of your attitudes, you sometimes run into your mouth, or rather, as my friend and I say it internally – kick myself in the ass?

It is important to set goals and, at times, to adapt to the market and customer requirements, because compromise means bread and means continuity of work, but allow it to tailor you from the basis of someone else’s desire? That is pure foolishness in my opinion.

They tried me too, so I put a point on it. I realized that I did not want to be a rag doll coordinated by those who are of strange worldviews, and who are only figures and stairs on the way to achieving some of their murky goals. I also realized that I couldn’t justify making stupid moves to grow. That’s not how it works.

I realized somewhere along the way that any expectation is the mother of all fuck-ups.

You think it will be better if you bend as a young tree and cover five topical topics and hope that then it will leave you alone to write what you want, but you actually dig deeper and deeper, so you get an editorial note that you can not write the text from your own angle.

Hello?? I think that was the stupidest editorial comment I ever received. From what angle should I write if not from my own? And if I need to write from Maco’s or Peter’s, why not just hire them?

That was my point, where I stopped and said – Thanks but no thanks. And I didn’t repent. I chose myself and I experienced a bloom. And I absolutely stand behind the decision to be true to myself. Because if I had put my head down then I probably would have been writing commissioned articles about chickens now or listing all the ways that popular starlets wax their legs. It may be current and IN, but it is just as humiliating and definitely not for me.

So let go of expectations. Have a dream, learn to adapt a little, but not too much. In everything you do, keep to yourself, because you are the best you have, you are your bread, your brand, your person and your business, especially if you do some of these “fashionable” occupation.

And finally, if you screw up, you haven’t screwed up the audience, because they already found someone new to entertain them, you screwed up solely and exclusively just yourself.

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