Snashina’s House (Snašini kućari)

This rural ethno house is located in Gradiste near Zupanja. Mrs. Marice’s old family home is one of the oldest in the village and is a true little museum of the past, a museum of our childhood, a museum of our grandparents.

I found out about them from my colleague Ena, and at her recommendation, I looked for them on Already those first pictures of the yard and details won me over, as well as the price of an overnight stay which is 250 kuna’s (34 euros or 40$) per room for one night, and if you want housewives Željka and Marica to make you coffee in the morning and serve home-made breakfast with their own homemade eggs, kulen, sausages, ajvar, cheeses and jams, you will pay 35 kuna (around 5 euros or 6$) per person for and it is worth it, believe me.

It’s good to know that you can visit this house, whether you sleep there or not, you just need to check in sooner, and they also receive larger groups of guests for who they prepare local specialties and then they host them on the outdoor patio in the yard. They also have an indoor lounge, which is like a small restaurant, so they can accommodate you there as well.

A quiet village, a quiet street, the warmth of the sun blending in with the old façade, the homemade scented flowers, the old-fashioned wooden windows, the chairs, the porch where we sit and soak up that rural sun, recharged the batteries for the whole fall.

Here it is as if time stopped, but in that beautiful sense, it literally throws you into childhood, some memories spring up and your heart is filled with that carefree warmth.

The whole house is authentic and retro, Mrs. Marica has her own souvenir shop as well as the front of the house where she keeps the costumes of her grandparents 200 years old, objects and books from school, dolls she used to play with, gifts from her confirmation or blanket from wool she received as a little girl. Virtually everything you see in the photos is their handwork, goldsmiths, details, scarves, old paintings, this house is a keepsake and truly has museum value.

And until you personally visit and feel part of that homey atmosphere, I am putting photos as the eternal guardians of our memories that we carry from there!

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