Tastes of life

Do you like lemons or do you prefer honey? Maybe wine or rather juice? Water? Do you sometimes close your eyes and wait to feel all the flavors intertwining in you?

Do you like sweet? Maybe you enjoy neutral flavors more? What does your life taste like? How does my life taste, what about hers or his?

Because life has a flavor, really it does!

There are sweet lives, there are angry, there are sour, there are salty, and fresh citrus, and there are neutrals. Are you often angry or mostly sour? Maybe you’re sweet, but with a citrus note?

The taste of life is actually that invisible sheath that you are draped with. That subtle energy you carry with you wherever you go, the taste that people feel when you are in sight.

Do you feel the flavors of the lives of the people around you?

I feel them. That is why sometimes I wish to immediately brush my teeth and rinse my mouth. Fortunately, more often than not, I like to keep the memory of the pleasant flavors I have felt for a long time.

Do you wonder what taste in your mouth you leave to people around you? Don’t you care? You don’t think about others but yourself? Are you in the first place? Do you think your problems are the biggest? Do you think it’s hardest for you? Feeling disrespected? Regret missing opportunities? Do you want to be loved? Would you like to be accepted? Feeling misunderstood? Do you have an attitude about everything around you? Gladly share advice even when they are not wanted?

Well, you see, the taste you leave behind is the taste of your life. Try to close your eyes and find your taste. Take enough time and wait to discern every note of your taste.

Don’t worry if you feel salty and spicy and sour and sweet! This is a delicious life!

If you only felt one of the flavors, you should think about yourself and honestly talk to yourself because the taste you leave to yourself and the people around you is too intense, either it is sweet, angry or sour.

But if you haven’t felt anything, drink a glass of wine, eat a dice of chocolate, bite an angry pepper and chew on a slice of lemon because you lack the taste of life.

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