It’s starting to look a lot like Christmas – Homemade Christmas series – Christmas door wreath

Christmas and Advent time is the most beautiful time to make your own decorations, arrangements, door wreaths and other interesting decorations. Wreaths do not have to be bought, and making a wreath of natural pine, fir or cypress branches will provide a wonderful evergreen scent in your home.

Moreover, when you create them yourself, you will never want to buy them again – that is why I give you detailed steps below to create one. Natural greenery will last up to a month on the wreath and will only dry, which means you can keep it on the table for the whole advent without any problems. If you want to keep it a little fresher, bring it to a balcony, terrace or place it in a cooler place.

You can find ideas for wreaths everywhere, and my favorite option are wreaths made from natural materials. My wreath will always have cinnamon sticks, anise, dried oranges, pomegranate and mistletoe twigs with red or white berries. Of course, you can also decorate your wreath with a combination of natural and artificial materials or entirely artificial materials.

Wreaths, like this one I made, are mostly made of “eternally” green trees and ornamental plants, symbolizing strength because even during the coldest winter days, evergreen trees retain their powerful color of life, nature and fertility.

Material and tools needed:

  • A straw reel
  • Floral wire
  • gardening scissors
  • decorative ribbon
  • ivy
  • pine
  • blueberry
  • pine cones
  • pomegranate
  1. Rhapsody of material

Cut the branches of ivy, pine and blueberries 10 to 15 cm in length, depending on the thickness of the rings and how large you want the wreath to be. Good alternatives to the listed plant materials are branches of pomegranate, cypress, laurel or Silber pine. Place the twigs on top of the twigs, wrapping it tightly with wire around the straw reel.

When “knitting”, change the types of plant material as well as their rhythm – keep one or two twigs facing the inside of the reel, and then rotate the next one outwards. You determine the size and density of the wreath yourself, depending on how much material you use. If you twist and dense the twigs for longer twigs, you will easily get a gorgeous wreath like this. Even with the use of exclusively natural materials, you can get the richness of rhapsody of conjugated forest materials

  1. Wealth of fruits

When you wrap and secure the evergreen material around the reel, it’s time to decorate. I chose cones and pomegranate, but you can use nuts in their shells, cinnamon sticks or small red apples. They too would look just as good. To secure the cone to the wreath, wrap the bottom of the cone with wire and make a stick (3-4 cm long) from the rest of the wire and insert it into the wreath. If you are using a pomegranate or apple, thread the wire horizontally through the bottom of the fruit, then connect it in the middle, and then attach the resulting wand to the wreath.

  1. A bow for the end

Make a bow, then wrap the wire around the knot and then, just like the fruit, secure it to the wreath. If you want a touch of luxury, decorate the middle of the bow with an elegant brooch. Depending on the door on which you will place the wreath, you can tie the decorative ribbon on which it will hang by a knot narrowly along the wreath or at the very end of the ribbon. And voilà – wreath is ready to greet your first neighbors and guests.

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