Your dress will never impress me, like your mind and your authenticity will

I like simple people. Those who laugh broadly and honestly, who do not calculate, who do not measure man by appearance and suit, who know that man is what is on the inside, not how he is packaged.

But it seems to many that packaging is everything. It doesn’t matter what the content is, it doesn’t matter if it’s hollow and rotten on the inside, it matters how it looks on the outside, what the brand is in the signature and how much it cost.

And while they are counting Euros on people who pass them, they write sad statuses on Facebook in parallel, because they are lonely. Obviously, neither friends nor partners could be bought by money. They bought themselves a label and someone who loves to wear it.

They did not find someone to run into their embrace because the hug wrinkles the suit and smears the makeup. They did not find someone to kiss and laugh with because it is important how they look together while walking through town.

Importantly, they are attractive enough for wandering cameras.

It doesn’t matter what they sit opposite to each other and they don’t look or talk. It doesn’t matter what their eyes are on their cell phones or what they don’t remember when they laugh together … if they ever did.

They just exist while their mouths are full of life stories.

And I’m sorry, because they never felt what it means to be happy and fulfilled, because their shirt is more important than hugs, they don’t have time to be a human being, they are too busy snapping in front of the camera, they don’t know how to go out for coffee without makeup and hairstyles, because they always have to arrange for someone, and for months they have done nothing for themselves…

And I am by no means saying that you should walk in the world like a bum, oily hair and torn pants, but all the time to be artificial and unhappy about what will people say, where is the purpose? Where’s the point?

There are those who live for fashion and out of fashion, but these are the people who will come out in cheerful colors, dress past trends and set precedents. Because they are artists, who live and work wonders!

You will see passion in their faces. Their clothing and appearance will exude liveliness and love for fabrics, designs, creations and a personal need to express themselves. Beside them, no matter what they wear, an unhappy man will look like a bum in even the most expensive tailor-made suit. Because it is not up to the suit, it is up to the one who wears it and how it feels in it.

Because of this, beauty is something that cannot be defined, that is why even in jute bags, some people look like the embodiment of a deity, and some in expensive creations look like a child’s play and that child was having a really bad day. Style cannot be bought, just like happiness, friendship and love. Life cannot be bought, only created.

You will let it flow through your veins, breathe it in, carry that passion on your face, in your hair, in your eyes… it will permeate you to the bone marrow and will be your reflection in everything you do, wherever you go and whatever to put on yourself.

Some people are just appearances because they are real. They don’t try to be something. They don’t try to fit and pack ‘right’. They don’t try to impress anyone or care what others think of them.

From such people you learn that every day is precious, that the finest coffee is in good company, with the people you adore, or with yourself… that life is a combination of moments that you have tried to make special for someone and have lived to the fullest. And they just look graceful and authentic as you look at them, sitting opposite you in a regular polo shirt.

From fakes you learn that life is short, weak, bitter and dull.

You learn that nothing and no one is good enough, how days are too short, winters are too cold, Christmas is just kitsch and people are ‘consumable goods’ or’ necessary evil ‘… and you decide to run away from them, from their stories, their coffee, their’ lifestyles’ and their ‘etiquette’ because being in their company costs you too much, the most valuable thing – your soul.

And that is a price that is not worth paying for. Because of no one.

9 thoughts on “Your dress will never impress me, like your mind and your authenticity will”

  1. “ From fakes you learn that life is short, weak, bitter and dull.” I love this post! I’ve been around people who try to be something they are not and it’s really exhausting. I can’t. People who are genuinely themselves are everything. No need to fabricate our lifestyles. Thanks for the great read. 💕

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  2. I definitely agree. The outside is just the outside. A shell. I’d much rather be happy than perfect-looking. It’s best to take it easy and just laugh. That’s what we’re here to do. Great post!

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