It’s starting to look a lot like Christmas – Homemade Christmas series – Tree ornaments

This weekend I played the song “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” on my laptop and we were immediately taken by the Christmas madness. It was time to make Christmas ornaments for the tree.  Do you know that you can beautify your tree with attractive decorations that smell great and those who are going to cost you less than a bottle of soda?

Let’s start!

  1. Dried citrus fruits

Dried oranges, grapefruit, tangerines and other citrus fruits are a great addition to the holiday decor.

You can string them on a string and hang them on a Christmas tree, make napkin rings, fit them into Advent wreaths, or use them when wrapping gifts.

Ultimately, you can put them in a nice bowl and keep them on the table. Not only are these attractive accessories that will beautify your home, it will also fill it with a wonderful holiday scent.

These kind of ornaments are not hard to do but it takes time to do them.

4 steps to making dried citrus for holiday decorations:

  • Cut the citrus into thin slices, approximately 5 mm thick.
  • Put baking paper on to a tray and arrange the citrus.
  • Place in oven at 75 degrees Celsius and dry for 2 hours.
  • Then turn them over and dry for another 2 hours.

Note: You do not have to preheat the oven!

  1. Instead of store bought ornaments use pinecones

Replace the balls with colorful cones and delight everyone who comes to visit during the holiday season. Spend the day in the air collecting cones, and their number depends on how much pine you have.  All you need is a spray paint or oil paint and a rope.

Steps in to making pinecones ornaments

  • Tie a rope around the petal so you can seamlessly hang your artwork on a tree
  • Paint the tops in white or silver, but if you’re an artistic type, completely colorful decorations may sit better.
  • Let your imagination run wild and have a good time.
  1. Christmas ornaments from string / thread / wool / rope.

These Christmas ornaments are very easy to make and through the game you can make a whole set of these balls together with your little ones.

To make Christmas ornaments like this, you need to:

  • Balloon
  • Starch
  • brush
  • string/thread/rope/wool
  • optionally colored spray and glitter

Steps to making Christmas Balls:

  • First, inflate the balloon to the size you want your Christmas ball to be.
  • Then take the string and roll the string on the balloon as a net. You can roll the string denser or less frequently and in the directions you want.
  • Finally tie the string at the top with a knot and cut off the excess.
  • When you have rolled up the string on all the balloons, take the starch and brush along the string.
  • You can make a starch from warm water in which you have dissolved a little more sugar.
  • The starch does not have to be greased in a thick layer, but make sure that you cover the whole string.
  • Allow the starch to dry overnight. The starch will dry and the string will become stiff.
  • The next morning, puncture the balloon and gently pull it out.
  • Christmas balls made in this way can be a decoration on their own without additional decoration, but if you want you can decorate them further with colored spray, bows or glitter.

Make your Christmas tree original

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  1. I’ve made the dried citrus slices this year! Would love to try the pine cones as well, I’ll have to see if I can find any in the woods near me but I think I might be a bit late. These are great ideas!✨xx

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