There are no perfect circumstances; if you want something, grit your teeth and go get it

Tell me, how much of your life has already been lost to waiting?

Waiting for the perfect opportunity, waiting for better days, waiting for the perfect circumstances. Waiting … You’re waiting for the sun to get better. You wait 3 in the afternoon to get the will to learn or do any homework. You’re waiting for your dream job and your money and your new handbags to fall from the sky. You wait for someone to invite you for coffee because your ego is too big. You’re waiting for someone to finally fall in love with you. You wait for someone to pull you up and tell you that you can do it.

But why? Why not be the one pulling your sleeve and saying, “Come on, you dumbass, you’ve lost a lot of minutes. You felt a lot of pity for yourself and regretted it because you didn’t know better. Grit your teeth and go get what you want. “

Because you know … There are no perfect circumstances.

There are, yes, in our head when we imagine all those perfect scenarios where we can conquer the whole world. Where the whole world is just ours, pink and fragrant and the ends are happy without any hassle. As cool as it is sometimes to go and disconnect from reality, it’s just not that – reality.

The reality is sometimes beautiful, sometimes ugly.

Sometimes it causes euphoria, sometimes paralysis. Sometimes it’s crystal clear, and sometimes not all of the manuals in the world can comprehend it. If she were a person, she would probably be a Gemini by horoscope.

She’ll give you exactly what you give her. Unless you take it seriously and are a jerk to yourself and others, the reality will be worse. If you show her that you care, if you give her the freedom to be what she is, if you accept her with all her flaws and virtues, and if you just do your best to make your relationship work with her, to become a better person with her, then reality will give you everything in the world.

True, reality will be confusing many times throughout, it will send you mixed signals, sometimes it will be so honest and real that it will be difficult for you to deal with the weight of truth, but trust her with the word that everything has its reason and flow. Sometimes she does not even know for herself the exact reason, but she will find out when the time is right.

I know it’s hard. I know it’s scary to follow your dreams, to be what you are and what you’re destined to be. I am the first to fear everything, who regularly falls into depression, loses the will to do everything. The first one that is never happy with myself because I know I could have done better. But you know what? It is normal for us to make mistakes and to be afraid.

We are all afraid. We are all paralyzed in certain situations. Everyone is fighting their own battle. Some people hide this battle a little better than others. Some just know that the circumstances will never be perfect and that it’s better to try sooner rather than later. Try and fall, and maybe try and succeed. However, they know they won’t know unless they try. And some? To some, every today comes down to “I will tomorrow”.

And you? Which of these two people are you?

11 thoughts on “There are no perfect circumstances; if you want something, grit your teeth and go get it”

  1. These are definitely marvelous words. There are no perfect scenarios. You just do what you do in rain or shine or fog and keep on trucking. When you really enjoy something, the circumstances matter but they won’t hold you back. You’ll adjust and move forward. Great post!

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  2. We all wait for the perfect moment or for when the time is right. But that’s an illusion. Whilst I think it’s ok to wait and take your time there also becomes a point where you have to acknowledge that unless you take the next step nothing will change.

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  3. I absolutely love this! In fact, for many years now, my personal mantra has been ‘If you want something, you will find a way. If you don’t, you’ll find an excuse’. Too many of us are settling for less all in the anticipation that something bigger, better and greater is just around teh corner and we’ll reach it when the time is right. The truth is, we only ever have here and now so seize the opportunity to live your best life today.

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  4. You have painted so brightly. There is no perfect moment and that is the only perfect thing in this world. The moment you act you make things better. Really a beautiful post by you. 👍😊

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