There is no impossible. It just takes a little more time to make it happen

Dreams come true!

They are realized by those who believe in them, those who do not give up on them… those who are ready to fight for them and work hard.

Do you believe in New Year’s miracles?

Some believe, some all year long sit with their figures in their pockets and wait for their small and great miracles. They pray for them, beg, demand, but still they are just sitting.

Some, however, fly their heads through the wall, fall, stand up, fight, stumble. They are exposed to new risks every day. For them it is only certain that nothing is certain and that they do not know where everything will go tomorrow.

They do not like the comfort zone and are only frightened by the fact that they are standing still. They never settle for the mediocre, but rather break their heart, rather than stay in the same place, in the same circumstances, surrounded by people who do not inspire them.

I’m often like that. A person who does not know the impossible but views it as a challenge. And who is ready to turn every trouble in her favor. It sometimes takes time, sometimes cunning, patience and often a lot of learning, but it doesn’t matter. That feeling of reaching another destination is worth every sacrifice and every effort. And the trips to it are not bad either, indeed, they do have their charm!

And no, we are not born like that, we are fighters. You build a fighter.

Little Mila, who beat leukemia was not born a fighter, she became one. Like her parents. They went daily over the edges of themselves to fight for their miracle, for their greatest victory – her health.

They did not sit, did not wait, did not give up. They did not look into the sky with their figures in their pocket, but turned the world both literally and figuratively to live their greatest dream now.

And I look at the people around me, who give up every day, who constantly talk about the bad climate, the bad economic situation, too little work and too little pay and too little – everything … and I don’t regret them. At least not anymore. Because they choose their circumstances over and over again.

Their sadness and powerlessness is their choice every day!

Being weak and being an observer of life is a choice. Living in a comfort zone is a choice. Fear of life is a choice.

Everyone will help you see that you want to get out of it, when you stop playing the victim of circumstances. But no one will reach out to you as you refuse to help yourself! There are no Superman out there, the only Superman in existence is the one you carry inside.

And I know… it is not easy to live on the edge, to go beyond your borders every day, to push yourself higher, faster, better, stronger… to discover new horizons, but that is the only thing that will make you alive.

I’m not talking about adrenaline and some addiction to the unknown, but about the willingness to turn the planet and not wait for it to spin for you – because trust me, it won’t.

Nothing will happen, but everything you want will happen if you lift your ass off the couch, if you stop blaming circumstances, if, but honestly… you take it for yourself.

Nothing like illness teaches you the value of life and every moment. When the body refuses obedience, when you are literally fighting yourself, when every step is effort and when you cannot even open your eyes from pain, then you learn the most.

And everything I’ve gone through so far has shaped me into a fighter. I began to appreciate every day and every step, because I was painfully aware of how little we needed to disappear and how difficult one step really was. You’re not afraid of anything anymore. Nothing is so scary to you, nor are your classic human concerns something you couldn’t handle.

You just remember the moment when you couldn’t even open your eyes and everything else becomes easy.

Miracles exist.

Miracles happen every day, but happen to those who are ready to fight them. Your happiness and your dreams are on the other side of fear. Sometimes, just one step separates you from them.

It’s a step into the unknown, it’s a risk, it’s a willingness to expose yourself and the courage to let yourself fall … but you know what’s best? When you fall, when you are at the bottom, you have nowhere to go but up!

So, as you sit in your warm homes, complaining about the warm weather, high prices, presidential elections, or simply the fact that something is not the way you want it, ask yourself what is stopping you? What is the fear that keeps you right where you don’t want to be?

And what can you lose if you try? If you go on your own to realize your Miracle?

Personally, I would rather live just one more day with this sense of enthusiasm and fulfillment in every sphere of my life, but for another 60 years, tapping in the dark and feared both life and myself.

Happy New Year dear people and do not be afraid to dream impossible!

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