Let me introduce myself again

Hello my people, I hope you survived Christmas and that Santa did not come to your house and take you’r Christmas tree away because you did not take a picture of it and post it on social networks. I also hope you haven’t accumulated too much weight because you know that I think New Year’s resolutions are crap, that no one sticks to, so don’t lie to yourself that you’ll be a new person from January 1st and your gym will be your second home.

On January 1st you were more likely been hang over, half-dead and tired of life than a new person because you know, the New Year should be celebrated ‘even though it’s just another day. I do not condemn. I plan the New year a month in advance because it is an excuse for me to be able to treat myself as honestly as I can, at least once a year, for my own soul.

Sorry, but the Grinch in me is still alive and will not die so quickly.

He is not like New Year’s decision. Right now, I’m most excited about this being 2020, and I have this fetish on recurring numbers. I’m even 33, and when you look at all the numbers in my date of birth, you get 333, which is probably totally irrelevant information, but I needed to share it with you so we can get to know each other better.

Speaking of getting to know each other, do you even get annoyed when, for example, you know someone at some point in your life, you hang out, you are great at this, and then life comes and you just get separated, you haven’t been in contact for a few years, so you go somewhere again , at some point do you meet and do they perceive you as the person you used to be, not the person you are today?

I know I complicated it now, I’m not even sure if I know what I want to say or how to explain what I think I want to say.

Here’s an example …

I was a very chaotic person some fifteen years ago; uncoiled in my head, uncoordinated thinking, extremely rebellious and headstrong and I was still shot by hormones since I was a teenager.

I went through a lot after that, obviously. Every situation has shaped me as a person and I will not say that I have changed because I still find that people do not change but simply through life and certain situations come closer to themselves and their purpose on this strange planet. You just learn some things, you understand what’s important and what’s not, you understand what you want and that’s it. It’s really not that complicated. It’s hard, but it’s not complicated.

Now, what bothers me about people is when they convict me or anyone else based on something that happened 5 years ago. Dude, a month ago I wasn’t the same as I was today. I don’t believe you are either. It’s called growth. It is a daily work on itself and a constant absorption of new knowledge. Well, I’m not sure to be angry ‘at the same things as 5 years ago, or make’ the same decisions as 5 years ago, nor have the same priorities as 5 years ago. I won’t even expect you to have the same mental makeup as you used to.

You can possibly compare ‘how much I’ve grown in 5 years”, only that I will admit.

For everything else, I can only make some sarcastic comment because I can’t even explain why you don’t think that and that assumption is not right.

It would seem that we look at ourselves first and only then others, first try to put ourselves in their situation and then everything else. One would also say that it is all right to think ‘with your head, first think’ and then drum. One would say that it is a great thing to accept the fact that everything in the world is changeable and that change alone is constant.

I change, you change, your neighbor Mary changes, and my brother Joseph, and Aunt Gabriela, and that little troublemaker who is a decent guy today, and that Matea who used to be a quiet and nice girl, and now she decided to give herself everything and wants to live life to the fullest. That is life.

If you think you know me because you knew me a year ago, let me introduce myself again because nothing else makes sense.

9 thoughts on “Let me introduce myself again”

  1. This is a really great post, and I totally agree with you on change. Some of my friends comment on how much I’ve changed, but it’s all growth. I’ve bloomed as a person, and I’m super proud of it. It’s easier to introduce myself to new people because they see me today, than to change the perception of people I’ve known for years.

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  2. It’s true. We all change as time passes. We develop new relationships and let go of others and so on. Time has a funny way of creeping up on us. But yes, I’m definitely not who I was five years ago and will be different from now in five years. It’s the way of life, which is good. I wouldn’t want to be so static. Great post!

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    1. For me 2019 did not suck. It was one of the bast year I had in a long time. Yes terible things did happen in the world, but for me personaly it was a very good year. I did things I never thought they were posible, I smashed my confort zone. Not all days were good, but in the end I was happy on how much I have grown, how many wonderfull people I have meet, how many toxic people I let go of… I hope 2020 will be better. All the best.


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