The most important lesson I learned last year: Life is an adventure. It is not a combination of circumstances and nothing depends on other people…

I’m the person who lives in the moment. I don’t think much about tomorrow and I don’t deal with the one from yesterday. I am aware that there is no guarantee for the future and the past cannot be changed. The only thing we really have is this moment, here and now. Nothing else should even matter to us.

Have wishes? Yeah. Goals? Likewise. Some plans on how to get what we want? In drafts. But exactly the calculated path from point A (where we are now) to point B (where we want to be)… no one can do that.

Because life is not an equation and there are too many X factors we do not know and cannot predict.

That’s why I love spontaneity. I love coffees that haven’t been planned for weeks and months in advance. I love the hugs and invitations I hadn’t hoped for, and I love wide, sincere smiles.

I don’t like to be a point in someone’s schedule. Something that has to be done exactly every seventh of the month, because in my opinion it’s not living in the moment, but a program.

People aren’t programs and they shouldn’t be, but …

Everywhere I see people trying hard to fit into the mold. I see souls lost between too many obligations and too few holes in the schedule to catch the air.

I know couples who put on a date for sex, and parents who have printed notes with topics to talk about with the kids, for Wednesday dinner.

I know too many people who don’t live life, but just breathe the air.

If you ask them if they are happy, they will look at you strangely. They’ll think luck is something that is bought, done, out of hand, taken off the agenda…

They will not know how to talk about themselves as a person, because they will try too hard to present you with all their roles. From business to parent. They have grown so much with them that they don’t even know who they are under all these layers.

They, no matter how close they are to me and no matter how much they love me, do not know how to deal with me. Because even though I work hard and struggle often with deadlines, I do not let go of my spontaneity. I do not plan our get-together weeks in advance, do not have a full schedule on my cell phone and do not stick to any dates and arrangements as a drunken plot.

It does not mean that I am escalating and not attending meetings, it just means that I am aware that nothing is carved in stone. And honestly, it shouldn’t be either.

We should not be machines, machines on a bar with the same, monotonous actions, predictable up to the dash. We should not live the way most live. We should not strive to meet social norms, but those of our own, tailor-made.

And we should stop pushing our noses into someone else’s life, telling others that they have time for this or that … for a better job, for a move, for a relationship, for a marriage, for a second, third or “fifth child …” for a divorce, a higher salary, or whatever and that people measure it for themselves, their lives and their experiences.

We were not born to be anyone’s copy.

As I write this, the sun is slightly out in the sunset … that toothy, wintery one that shines but does not heat. Working Thursday is coming to an end. Another message has just arrived and a dear person is waiting for a reply will we have coffee tomorrow? I still don’t know the answer because who knows what will happen by tomorrow?

You understand?

The world is such an incredible and unpredictable place. What about life? Life is an adventure. It is not a combination of circumstances. Nothing depends on other people and other people’s views. Nothing happens by plan and schedule, but everything has a natural flow.

Winter will slowly become spring, it will grow into the heat of summer, and summer will completely sink into the colors of autumn, which will again give way to winter without rushing.

We will not turn around and another year we will leave behind.

We will be richer in 365 days and a million adventures. We will be richer for new people and passionate kisses, for long walks and new loves. We will also taste some parting and maybe something stressful. But it doesn’t matter, we’ll know how to handle it, it’s just that. We cannot predict all the changes of life and all its color, and we should not.

Therefore, if you really need to plan something, then plan your happiness, wherever you go, whatever you do, whoever you love, and whatever and whoever you leave behind.

Make your fortune a New Year’s decision and never give up.

Thank you for over 365 days of love and support.

Love you and all the best in new adventures, wishes you M.

12 thoughts on “The most important lesson I learned last year: Life is an adventure. It is not a combination of circumstances and nothing depends on other people…”

  1. Insightful… The part about scheduling “to live” is so true. Life’s become so fast paced that living your life has become an afterthought, it’s really sad. I’m still learning how to relax and give myself grace through the challenges of life but I’m trying 🙂 Thanks for this post.

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  2. I absolutely love this post. I like your thoughts on spontaneity and not being set on one routine. I’m a huge planner, but all the people around me are built on spontaneity and ever-changing plans. It’s taught me to not set things in stone and be ready to change. I’m still a planner though, mainly because I’m one of the very few who actually plans haha.

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  3. I love this post so much. Spontaneity is something I have definitely worked on a lot since moving to London and, whilst I’m still amazing at it, I am a lot better than I used to be! I do like to plan in advance things like trips, months in advance to new cities, but I don’t like to plan what I will do once I’m there – so I’m a bit of a blend at the minute! x

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  4. Amazing words!
    This paragraph spoke to me the most:
    “Therefore, if you really need to plan something, then plan your happiness, wherever you go, whatever you do, whoever you love, and whatever and whoever you leave behind.”

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  5. Its so easy to feel like a robot nowdays it’s good to just have no plans but so hard to do until you’ve met you’re basics for the month 😦 I really need to get back into planning less.

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