List of things life is too short for

Today everyone has some lists. A list of things to do by the end of the week, a list of New Year’s resolutions to f**k up by the end of the month, a list of cities to visit, or a list of groceries you need to shop at. Well then you have the ones who make the list of women they slept with, and you have the ones who beg you to put them on a list for an event or concert. There are also lists of those things that you must not do on the first date, and of those things that you must do in order for that person to fall for you.

And who am I to stop the trend?

Here is a list of things life is too short for.

First of all, life is too short to be hungry and to feel guilty about every calorie. I know you want to look like that woman over there on Instagram whose abs are harder than diamonds, but know that your soul is already made of diamond and you don’t need any more abs. Only more guys will try to play you and you will have no peace, and life is too short for restlessness and too long for not eating a cheeseburger from time to time.

It is too short for bad coffee and also for headaches from bad wine . If I already have a headache, let it be from good wine.

Life is too short to not have fun from time to time, laughing to tears and having stomach cramps, catching our breath. We do not have enough time not to have internal jokes, laughing at ourselves and then a laughing little with others. We are all jerks sometimes, but life is too short not to admit it and not say sorry if we offend someone.

Same as too short for anger. Maybe your friend stabbed you in the back, maybe your (un) darling left you for a woman who wasn’t even half of you, maybe someone used your goodness, but hey, who the hell cares. Life is too short to spend it on hate.

It’s too short to spend it listening to bad music, whatever music is to you. Life is too short to discuss which genre is better and why. It is too short for any discussion, people will only agree to whatever suits them anyway because you know what? Life is too short to agree with something that does not suit us.

Do you hate your job? Change it. Don’t you feel comfortable with the people you hang out with? Change society. Don’t see the purpose of the college you enrolled in? Change it. Are you overwhelmed by your surroundings? Change it.

Are you afraid of change? As you should be. They didn’t say it would be easy, they said it would be worth it, and life was too short not to be worth it.

You know what else is too short? For walking in heels. Unless you’re one of those alien women who can wear them every day without getting sore. I may admire them even more than these naughty elephants who can eat and stay thin. I don’t even need to get my feet sore, it’s enough to see them.

Never mind, life is too short to look great every day. You need to know how to love yourself even while you are in your worst issue. You have to love yourself so much that you can forgive yourself every nonsense. Because life is too short for us to feel bad about ourselves.

Life is too short for anything that does not bring you happiness, and too long to not chase that same happiness and, after all, live.

Whatever that happiness is.

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