After the bad always comes the good

They say it’s darkest before dawn. I did not look at her, expecting the light but imagining how much I could rejoice to when the sun came up. And by no means afford the omission of dawn. It greatly explains how valuable it is to be patient in the dark and how much grace brings light. Whether I was waiting for it alone or with someone. There is no order or number. Everything is perfect and timely.

And all futility loses the battle if you want to wait for the dawn. The same as the twilight scene is beautiful. You get the feeling that it is just space and time that fills you. You don’t pay attention because you know that this is a moment where you can enjoy all those sunsets and sunrises, long letters like hope and love. How blessed these natural laws can be, and how much a curse remains to be inferred from one’s own mood. And that also supports the decision of one’s own will. Unless you indulge in one or the other. Mostly promising. And look for tired souls. From people, events, injustices from a human perspective, simply everything that fits into this life.

Therefore, to look at dusk or dawn, it looks promising and always offers new. No matter what, in the swirl of uncertainty, morning arrives. You’re alive. The head is on the shoulders.

8 thoughts on “After the bad always comes the good”

  1. Beautifully said, very poetic! I have been feeling this message so strong as of late. There has been a lot of hardship but I do believe the light is coming. You are right, nature promises us this. Hope is always there, the sun will always rise again, and from the darkness we arise stronger.

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  2. A good reminder not to get caught up in the thick of things. When things are bleak, itseasy to retreat into it instead of digging yourself out, and once you reset your perspective, you can come out of it.

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