Release. Because you can’t force anything.

When it becomes difficult, when you are powerless, when it no longer makes sense, when you no longer have the strength – let go.

When you give your maximum but it is not reciprocating, when every next step is one step closer to paradox – let go.

When there is no future in it, when there is no more beauty or joy like it used to, let it go.

Just – let go.

Because you can’t force anything.

You let go and take a deep breath.

Over and again.

And you will whisper it “let go” whenever it starts to shrink again.

So again you take a deep breath and move on.

Through life.

The best you can…

4 thoughts on “Release. Because you can’t force anything.”

  1. That’s right ! sometimes we just get stuck and we keep trying trying and trying ! it’s just mean it’s not for us ! thanks for this article !

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