Sometimes it’s best to throw yourself in the water

I’m in a problem again. I have an idea, and I don’t know how to transfer it to you from across the screen. How can I express myself? What can I say so you get what I am saying? In fact, writing. Which words are best used and which are the worst? There are a thousand and one analyzes, and with each one my hands just brake and I can’t even type or breathe anymore. I am suffocated by the rules; the very ones I have imposed on myself.

I know you know what I’m writing about, we all do it.

We like to analyze ‘to the unconscious’, to weigh whether to do something or not, to think about how our actions will affect the future, to think about how our past affects the present. What a sleep paralysis, my people. This is paralysis of reality and is more common than you think, and often it paralyzes our dreams.

And as much as it is good to plan things out, just so much that you are not like a headless fly, it is not so good to kill yourself with thought. Sometimes it’s best to throw yourself in the water and then learn to swim. You will choke less in the water than standing over it and analyzing whether to jump on your feet or on your head, whether you want to try swim on you back or chest first.

Remember how we were taught to ride a bike? They put us on it, pushed us in some direction, waited for us to hit a tree a few times and after that we were already smart enough to realize that we had to operate the pedals and the steering wheel a little too, so as not to get hit a tree for a fiftieth time. After a while, we could already cycle for miles. And we didn’t analyze because we didn’t even know what was waiting for us.

We don’t know now, so if we want something already, why not try it?

What do you have to lose? Dignity? Come on, please. You lost it when you told that guy who didn’t want you that you were in love with him or when you drank a few glasses more and crashed in front of a full club or whatever, but I’m sure you already lost your dignity, that you already got over it and you will get over it again if you need to.

You can waste your time? It’s like you’re not wasting it already. You can be embarrassed? I’m sure you’ve been there a lot. This is actually a great thing, if you embarrass yourself often enough, you are no longer ashamed and nobody can do anything about you. I speak from first hand.

Let’s see … Wait, you worry because others may not like what you do? Well, who are you that everyone should like? Do you like everything others do? Not. Does it affect you or them? Probably not. Are there people you like doing what they do? Probably yes. Are there people who might like what you have in mind? They certainly exist. Therefore, I do not see where the problem is.

Is there a problem in these trees that you will stumble upon along the way? Oh, my God, not the first or the last time. At least you’ll make someone laugh as you fall, and sometimes we need to cheer others up. They say good returns, and there is no greater kindness than putting a smile on someone else’s face.

You’ll still learn something along the way. Whatever you turn, it must end well. Yet you will be full of new knowledge and good karma in your life path. You see, it’s not so bad to throw yourself in the water and then learn to swim.

If you ask me, it is always better to try. Find out what you are up to and paralyze your analysis instead of them paralyzing you and your dreams.

3 thoughts on “Sometimes it’s best to throw yourself in the water”

  1. Marta, this is a great post! I love your closing line, “Paralyze your analysis instead of them paralyzing you and your dreams.” Yes, yes and YES!

    Isn’t it amazing how many reasons we can come up with on any given day to strike fear in our hearts? We do worry entirely too much about what isn’t in our control. To be honest, we worry about mess that doesn’t even matter to begin with! Your post is that very case in point.

    Learning by doing is one of the very best teachers. Not only do we appreciate the journey so much more – we tend to grow more too!

    Thanks for sharing this. You did a beautiful job ♥ Blessings to you & yours!

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  2. I love love LOVE this. Also love how I totally agree how I lost my dignity many moons ago when I did fall over in front of a lot of people so yes that shouldn’t hold me back! Thanks for sharing 🙂 emma x

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