What does it really mean to be a woman?

I did some things I thought I couldn’t. It seemed difficult, but I managed. Some of the little things I knew I could do, but I didn’t want to. Some things I did without thinking, and for a couple of things I have a plan, I’m just lazy to go for it.

In fact, it has nothing to do with laziness, but I just pretend I don’t want to.

But I find the things that I don’t consider interesting, but I could di, I won’t do them even if I wanted to, and if I had to, it would be because I know I should.

All this turmoil within me concerns self-discipline, self-esteem and proper upbringing (thank you Mom and Dad).

This is what this morning tells you:

  • Come on, get up!
  • I do not want to bother with that!
  • Come on!
  • Others do not have to get up!
  • You have to, come on!
  • Why me? Let him get up first!

That inner conversation continues until we silence the voice that drives us to self-responsibility.

When we silence it enough times, refuting all the solid arguments it offers, we turn into those who are not good in their own skin. Here, however, we begin to call upon those who should respect us, but do not respect us, and those who should empower us, but do not enable us.

A whole troupe of those who are guilty of not having, what we are not and what we cannot, come into the scene.

Here is an opportunity to set up a guard of counselors who will teach us how to deal with our own laziness, irresponsibility and lack of honesty with ourselves.

They keep telling us the same shit! Be important to yourself, be happy, take care of yourself, you are the world to yourself, you deserve to be respected…all one more carcinogenic than the other.

Being happy means something different to each of us. They do not teach us to find our own way to be happy, but they offer us bad directions that make us even more unhappy.

Taking care of yourself means taking your life in your own hands and managing it responsibly. They do not teach us self-discipline and responsibility, but teach us to find someone to care for us.

Got boobs? Nice, but with or without boobs, you have to learn the alphabet. Got a tight round ass? Great, you still have to learn how to wash white linen. Do you have groomed nails? Great, you’ll be able to quickly scrape off the burnt pan with them. Do you have beautiful hair? You need to tie it up when you cook the soup, so that someone doesn’t eat your hair instead of noodles. Yes, you have to learn how to make soup.

Do you have beautiful almond eyes? So you see the cobweb? Take the vacuum cleaner and suck the corners. Do you have a book? Read one a month, every month your entire life!

A beautiful and well-groomed body is a temple where the soul and the mind must dwell. Soul and reason are the two that will guide you through life, and how you travel will depend solely and exclusively on you.

You can walk barefoot, and you can go first class.

I recommend that you raise “money” for the first class. “Money” is raised through the accumulation of knowledge, learning skills, nurturing healthy grounded self-esteem, responsibility and empathy for the rest of the world.

It’s not easy, but it’s fun and worthy of a human. Woman is human, so the anthropologists say, and we need to make sure that we understand it first, then everyone around us.

11 thoughts on “What does it really mean to be a woman?”

  1. Everything seems so complex these days and as women we have to deal with a whole multitude of things – this is such a though provoking post.

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  2. It’s so true that we all need to work out what happiness means to us. Instead of letting other people define it for us or being told what we should want to do. We all need to find a balance in our lives between body and mind.

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