You and me

Between screaming thoughts

and words that don’t even whisper,

at that overly deaf crossroad,

we speak

you and me.

Between brave looks away

and short accidental collisions of the eyes,

desirous of hiding in them,

we see us

you and me.

Between loud fast music

and quiet, slow rhythms for two,

while everyone sings something,

we dance

You and I.

Between your “follow you home”

and my “really can do it myself”,

we don’t know what’s going on with us.

We’re walking

You and I.

Between the sleeves of your gray jacket

and my reassuring black coat,

a meter of hope still floats

And let’s drown

you and me.

Between my “maybe see you again”

and your sneaking as if we were strangers,

hope escapes us on the conveyor belt,

And we remain

you and me.

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